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Yellow Flame of Illumination and Wisdom

yellow flame

The Yellow Flame is the one that allows us to activate the Mind of God within us and reach the state of Enlightened Being, just like the great master teachers of humanity (Jesus, Buddha, Kwan Yin, among others). The ray of illumination should be invoked to the crown and consciousness, with the intention of reawakening all the attributes of our inner divinity. The Sun is also there to remind us of our own divinity! ;)

Tip: Invoke (when waking up) the Flame of Illumination, to give us energy, harmony, joy, and insight for the day. At any time, to protect us from mental attacks. For this last case, we can also invoke the Violet Flame to dissolve any dissonant energies that may have already entered our auric field.

The 2nd ray is also called the Constructor Ray, because it acts in the expression of form and creative impulse. It represents the union of the cohesive force of the Cosmos. For example, in a situation where we don't know what to write, say, or do, we center our heart and say, « I choose now to communicate through the Love of my heart. I invoke the Flame of Illumination and Wisdom to infuse my consciousness with the perfect expression for this situation! ». This can be applied to any situation: interview, meeting, writing a book or article, giving a lecture or a course, clearing up misunderstandings, etc. In short, whatever our creativity dictates and our heart feels.

NOTE: People originating from this ray tend to be dualistic and their point of view changes frequently, but they are sociable and their radiance makes them be loved for their compassionate and supportive qualities. They generally feel the pains of others, tend to be "sponges," and absorb the negativity of the collective to transform it unconsciously. However, if they do not work on themselves at an emotional level and do not make this transformation of the negativity (both their own and the collective's), they can generate depression, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, inertia, discouragement, and feel useless or powerless.

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In this video, you'll find a guided meditation to the Temple of Illumination, in the Lemurian city of Telos, in the 5D.

Alternatively, you can download the MP3 of the meditation here.

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