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Aura Reading Course


In the Aura Reading Course we learn how to read the aura of others, as well as our own. We are all born with extra-sensory gifts (also called mediumship) and in this course we learn how to make use of these gifts in a conscious and neutral way. Neutrality doesn't mean passivity, but rather not placing an emotional burden on the events of our lives. The Aura Reading Course is derived from the Essenes and the FSF - Foundation for Spiritual Freedom® and allows you to learn how to do General Aura Readings. In order to learn how to do the so-called specialized readings, you will need to attend the respective modules afterwards.

NOTE: This course consists of 5 monthly modules (1 module per month) in which, in the first module, you learn how to do the Rose Meditation 1. The remaining modules are specific to aura reading and include theory and practice of readings. When done online, the course is done via Zoom, the lessons are recorded on that platform and delivered to the students. These lessons and teachings cannot be shared outside the course group!

Requirements for attending the Aura Reading Course:

1) Not be an incorporation medium. In case you are, you must commit to stop any kind of incorporation during the course. If any incorporation occurs during the course, the student is asked to leave the course

NOTE: In this Essene angelic egregore of light, it is strongly discouraged to do incorporations, as the person will have the entities' DNA in one's energy, creating interference in one's life and the lives of others around them, as well as affecting one's own health. The guides of light never enter our aura, much less our body!

2) The will of the person's personality to attend the course is not always enough, one may not yet be ready (for whatever reason), because this course is profound and requires a daily commitment to oneself. That's why it's important for the teacher to consult one's spirit beforehand (through a mini thematic aura reading) to see if the person is ready. For the registration, the interested person must send me an email with the first and last name and give me permission to consult the spirit. I then communicate the answer to the person. If the answer is "Yes", then the registration for the course is made

3) Students must be present (whether in person or online). They cannot be self-taught, as the teacher needs to see them and be able to follow the development of their energy, giving them the necessary support, clarifying any doubts that may arise, etc.


NOTE: If, for a significant reason, the student is unable to attend one of the modules, there is no problem. If the course is via Zoom, the student will be able to watch the recorded lessons afterwards and, if necessary to clarify any doubts or get help with an exercise, we can arrange a support session with me. If the course is in person, we can work something out! ;)


In the Aura Reading Course  you will learn to: 

- See how the person's spirit (to be read) is at the present moment;

- See the openness and receptivity of the person to the Divine;

- See if there are any interferences in communication with the Divine;

- See at what stage of life is the person in: Is in survival mode? Has started one's development path? Is already sorting through what's useful and what's not? Is in the process of integrating the knowledge one has already acquired?

- See if the personality and body are aligned with the person's spirit;

- Age of the Soul (to be read only in the first reading);

- See what spiritual agreements the person has at the moment and needs to know;

- See what repetitive and limiting patterns one brings from other lives and from which one needs to break free and/or unknown potentialities to be integrated into one's current life;

- See how the person's chakras and aura layers are doing.

You will also learn all the necessary preparation to do aura readings in person, online and remotely (i.e. to the spirit).

Course Material:

Each student should have their own writing materials (pen, notebook, etc.) and have a bottle of water nearby (a lot of energy is worked on during the course).

- At the end I provide students with an Aura Reading Course Manual, but I encourage each student to make their own. :)

- If a student works in a therapy center where a certificate proving completion of the Aura Reading Course (according to the FSF® method) is required, I can also provide it. This will be agreed at the end with the student.

Course Schedule:

- Morning, from 09h30 to 12h30 GMT (with a 15-minute break in between);

- Lunch break, from 12h30 to 14h GMT;

- Afternoon, from 14h to 17h GMT (with a 15-minute break in between);

Next schedule: 

<To be defined > For now the course is only available in Portuguese

Investment: 850€ in total (i.e. 170€ per month, to be paid before each module)

Payment methods: see here.

Registrations and/or more informations: send e-mail to

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