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Rose Meditation 2

Rose Meditation 2 Course

Rose Meditation 2 requires you to have taken the Rose Meditation course (whether you're an aura reader or not). 
It is an in-depth module with exercises that allow you to go deeper into your own healing, grounding, protection and personal cleansing. These exercises can be added to or detached from the Rose Meditation or simply done separately.
Some of the exercises you'll find in Rose Meditation 2 are: seeing what Mental Images we have in our energy; Arc of Health; Havingness (the ability to have and obtain something, it has to do with prosperity); Rose Maquette (to build what we want to have); Sponge Aura (to reinforce the removal of chips, entities, miasmas, etc); Lower Chakras (for a deeper work on them); among other exercises.

Next Scheduled date(s): <to be defined>

Investment: 170€

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