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21 days of reviving with the Resurrection Flame

Recently, during a healing work, I received instructions from the guides to share an exercise to revive energy with the Resurrection Flame, in the color Golden Ruby, to help those who have been feeling a lack of cheer, strength, courage, and joy. The color Golden Ruby is also connected to the Sacred Feminine, to the power of creation of the womb that allows life to develop. The exercise should be done for 21 consecutive days.

1- Sit comfortably and breathe deeply and slowly (inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth), 3 to 10 times (until you feel completely relaxed).

2- Imagine that you are sitting on a rose-shaped chair, made of Golden Ruby Crystal, and that a Golden Ruby flame begins to rise through your Earth Star chakra (about 30 cm (12 in) below your feet).

3- This flame goes rising, activating, reviving and purifying your energy, until it reaches the top of your head, going out through the crown like a fountain and purifying your whole aura with the Resurrection Flame.

4- Say 3x, out loud « I AM the Resurrection and Life of my Strength, Cheer, Courage and Joy! ».

5- After feeling the energy revived, imagine that the flame disappears under your feet, and that above your head is a Golden Sun (which represents your divine creative essence) that goes down and fills all your bodies, cells, DNA, and your aura. In short, all your life particles.

6- At the end, when you feel full of this energy, touch the ground with your hands to release the excess of energy.

Know that the Resurrection Flame can be used to revive any area of your life. Learn more...

In profound gratitude to the guides for being able to share another tool to help humanity. And so it is!

Love and light,



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