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9/9 Portal

Welcome to the 9/9 Portal, to the energies of Unconditional Love! :)

Today the ascension energies are very strong and the more sensitive ones may feel dizziness, sweeping (cleaning) in the mind, as if being pulled upwards (to the higher mind), headaches, alienation, difficulty in grounding, etc. Stay connected to your heart, drink lots of water, and use the Violet Flame to purify yourself so that the density that is coming out is disintegrated into love and compassion. For those who have difficulty in grounding, if you are working from home, walk barefoot to feel the ground under your feet, or if you have hematite put them either in your socks or in your pants pockets.

The Christ and Holy Spirit Guardian energies are very active. Open your hearts to them! Thank God/Goddess! And so it is!

In deep gratitude, peace and love, I AM!



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