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Aquarius Portal 2-2-22 to 22-2-22

We entered today 2-2-22 into the powerful Aquarius Portal for great transformations in DNA and soul. This portal will culminate on 22-2-22.

The year 2022 has several important characteristics:

a) 2+2+2 = 6 (water element, pink color). This is the number of selfless service, dedication to the whole with the purest intentions. 6 is also the number of the family, of the Goddess, and of feeling the emotions inside. Allowing ourselves to stop and feel what goes inside the soul. When we don't allow ourselves to stop and feel, life forces us to, either by attracting a fever, a sprain, whatever forces us to stop and feel... and cry if we have to! :)

b) It is also a year of master number 22 (water element, blue color). 2 is the number of relationships, of diplomacy, of sensitivity.

And in this month of February, several are the days of vibration 2, where the Aquarius Portal will be felt even more:

02-02-2022; 11-02-2022; 20-02-2022; 22-02-2022. This month comes to act deeply on our soul, water, and inner emotions. It comes to call us to connect with each other and the planet, to allow us to feel that connection, our feminine side, and realize that we are literally ONE.

The watchword is to get out of the comfort zone and align Mind to Heart! So be it!




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