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Archangel Zadkiel – "Embracing the Divine Feminine heart energy"

Dear friends, today I am sharing a message from Archangel Zadkiel, channeled by Linda Robinson. Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst are Guardians of the Violet Ray. The Love of the Universal Mother is also called the 13th Pillar (by the KRYSTAL Guardians) and is the key that allows us to open our internal ascension portal. Blessings, Anabela Silva.

« Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangels Amethyst and Zadkiel, and we surround you with Love. Today, we wish to discuss embracing the Divine Feminine heart energy. Embracing the Divine Feminine heart energy is an integral part of the ascension process. It allows you to access and integrate the highest particles of Divine Creator Light. Because the energy of the Light at this level manifests very rapidly, it can only be accessed by those with a pure intent and Love for all. This energy is very pure and can only be used for highest good. In these times of accelerated higher frequency energy, focusing on the heart energy is especially important. Having a balance of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine can assist in this process. It combines the heart and the mind so that they are working together for highest good. This process is important for everyone, since each person carries both aspects in their Being. A key component of Divine Feminine heart energy is Love. This Love is a frequency and originates on a universal level. It encompasses Love for Self, for others, and for all of Creation. The Divine Feminine heart energy combines gentleness with strength. The gentleness and sweetness could be compared to beautiful flowers that bring forth a softness. The strength is like a tree swaying in the wind. Even though it moves in different directions, it is strong and constant. The Divine Feminine heart energy is soft and gentle, yet strong at the same time. It knows what is needed at the time. It can show strength in a loving way without yielding to lower frequency energy. It knows how to apply the higher frequencies for greatest good. You can embrace the Divine Feminine heart energy more fully by first setting this as your intention. Your energy will attune to this frequency as you focus on it. You may wish to set aside some special time each day to attune to this energy. You can begin by turning your attention to your heart center. Feel the beautiful energy of the Divine Feminine. It is a calm and peaceful feeling of Love. As you focus on it, let it saturate every cell and every part of your Being. Spend as much time as you would like on this part of the process so that you can feel it transforming your energy field. As you feel this beautiful heart energy and its transforming qualities, you may wish to reflect on what the Divine Feminine means to you. Consider how it manifests in your own life. It may be loving, compassionate, caring, nurturing, peaceful, encouraging, and many other aspects. After identifying how it manifests in your life, consider the traits and ways in which you would like to increase these attributes. As you focus on them, you are setting your intention to allow them to become an even greater part of who you are. This includes being kind and loving with yourself as well as with others. When you are first kind and loving to yourself, you are more able to express this to others. The more you focus on the Divine Feminine heart energy, the stronger it will become. You will be an expression of the Divine Feminine. You will be radiating this beautiful energy to those around you, as well as out into the multidimensions.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are embracing the Divine Feminine heart energy for the highest good of all. Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangels Amethyst and Zadkiel… and we surround you with Love. And so it is. »



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