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Ashtar Command - "The 3 (three) scenarios"

Dear friends, today I am sharing an excerpt adapted from the message of the Ashtar Command, channeled yesterday, 13-02-2023 by Neva of Sementes das Estrelas in Brazil. Blessings, Anabela.

« Due to the considerable increase of our ships around the world in the last few weeks [...], they [the occult governments] are feeling threatened by our presence and are trying to create a common enemy once again... so that humanity will call for help from them once again. Don't forget that the governments themselves have their own ships, and would love to create an invasion scenario to make most people on Earth panic.

There are 3 scenarios going on at the moment:

1 - Fallout from non-confederates.

2 - Conflicts between non-positive factions fighting for dominance of the planet.

3 - (More obvious) - The attempt to create a common enemy for humanity to rally against us, "The invading ETs" and give them the go-ahead to quarantine you once again under the excuse of "national security".

As we have been saying, none of their plans will succeed. We are at the helm, and that will not change.

Family of Earth, the planet belongs to you, and we are here to make sure that it is fulfilled.

We are the Ashtar Command. »


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