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Ashtar – “The hall of mirrors, the patience of light, and the entrance in the end of duality”

Dear friends, I am transcribing today the message from Ashtar Sheran, channeled on 09-06-2023 by Rafael/Neva from Sementes das Estrelas in Brazil. PS: I also added some notes of my own in violet. Blessings, Anabela Silva.

« Greetings, Family!

You are immersed in a great hall of recognition, a hall that is showing you who you really are and what still needs to be healed and enlightened in you. It has certainly been a long journey here, to this point that, as I have been saying over the last few months and messages, you are really going through a great transformation. Some of you within this hall of recognition are really overwhelmed by what still needed to be healed. And that, my beloved family, should not be a reason for sadness, or disappointment with yourselves. It should be a reason for joy, because if you have come this far, it is simply because you are already victorious.

In this hall of experiences, you will have the opportunity to look at yourselves, facing your own fears, anguishes, and shadows, still hidden, that really need to be healed, in this phase that, due to an immense process, that your planet has been doing with Ascension, demands that you look more deeply at yourselves and recognize yourselves as you are, your innate light. What does not belong to you definitely needs to be healed. All this necessary acceleration is due to your own choices to move forward as soon as possible and go with Gaia in her Ascension process.

You could say that it is a hall of mirrors where you can see yourself in what you would say are your faces: some darker parts that you have taken on as your own throughout your many incarnations, those that have been more disconnected from your purer essence; others, purer, those that you have taken on when you have been in greater connection with your essence.

Understand that this is not a tribunal where you will be judged for all your experiences, but an opportunity to see the game of duality that you have decided to experience. And in this mirroring phase you will know, internally, who you really are. Those who take on the sweetest and most loving faces, for these are your true faces; and the other faces, which are only (that served you in fact), so that you could experience duality and come to value even more the light and the connection to your purest essence.

There are no judgments, dears! Not at all! Some of you may fear looking into your darker faces. But that is not what we want. We want you to face them, in a loving way, definitely taking on your sweet face of love and light, which is your original nature. Many of you have extreme difficulty in assuming those faces that have served you to experience duality. You usually deny them severely, and this is not my proposal, nor that of another brother who wishes to manifest himself to guide you.

The hall of mirrors is precisely for you to look at all of them, and from that point on, assume your original faces of love and gentleness. Automatically, the other faces will be enveloped in the merciful gaze of simply having recognized yourselves as you really are.

Many imagine that darkness needs to be fought or destroyed. In truth, the darkness needs to be enveloped with love and light. When you take this love and light into yourself, honoring the darkness that has served you for a long game of experiences, it simply disappears because it no longer needs to serve the purpose of duality, since you have recognized yourself as the Oneness in love, light and mercy (*). Do you understand? When the light moves forward, it doesn't crush the darkness, it brightens where there is darkness. And who are those who are immersed in darkness? They are those who for the moment are choosing to wear the darkest, most painful face. When the light advances, naturally a large mirror is placed in front of all those who wear the dark faces. And they are forced to face themselves. They, who for so long have been immersed in the shadows, see the light again. And though they deny it at first, they see it. Often they go into deep sadness and denial. But whatever it takes, they will recognize themselves, for the nature of all Being is light. And the illusion of shadows cannot sustain itself eternally. It never can. It is not its nature. The nature of darkness is to serve a small dual purpose, and when that purpose no longer makes sense, it naturally falls apart. And when does it stop making sense? When the Being recognizes and acknowledges itself as being in Oneness with Source, unified to that greatness. Then all darkness simply ceases to exist, swallowed up by the light, harmoniously.

(*) Note Anabela: In the books "The Law of One - The Ra Material", the Ra Confederacy speaks exactly in recognizing what they call the "salutation" of beings in service to themselves (aka, negatives). Honoring these negative beings means only acknowledging that they exist in their purpose, yet denying the service offered by them. It is like saying "Ok, I know you are there, that you have this service to offer me, but I am no longer in that vibration. I refuse your service and follow my heart!".

Dear ones, know that all those you most consider evil are light beings in essence (**). Just as you yourselves are. Therefore, to be in the hall of recognition, or hall of mirrors, which is the same, is to be a reason for great joy for you, simply because of the fact that duality is being closed for you. It is as if it is the last door that you need to go through. Leaving behind all the heavier faces that only served for a brief moment, and disconnecting from them lovingly, by simply recognizing your original face. Duality is closing for you dear ones, and that should be a reason to celebrate. It has been a long road to this point. Recognize your mastery in the midst of it all.

(**) Note Anabela: Here, obviously, we are not talking about artificial beings (AI).

During these times, dear ones, some will be so immersed in this hall of recognition that they may become very confused. Even though they have spent most of their moments connected to their essence, they may, when they enter the room, become confused when they encounter their other darker faces. The attraction they (the darker faces) naturally exert for being what they are is great, and it is precisely to show you how resilient you are, so that you will never use them again. They are the faces that have reigned for many eons on your world, and naturally they will try to resist them as much as they can. If you don't resist them, don't punish yourself or think you have failed, but recognize your greatness and mastery, and you will always have another opportunity.

Some, well..., now they are choosing the old road again, choosing to wear the old faces, and they will be respected. At another time they will return to the room to encounter all those faces again. Others are choosing to remain where they are, in a more neutral position, neither wishing to connect with their divine face, nor the other. Of course, all will be respected in their choices to continue experiencing what they choose to experience.

Others are definitely recognizing their divine face, their original essence, and lovingly letting go of the other, more densified faces. They (those who are choosing the divine essence) need to be aware that those who are choosing the old faces of the old road, will try to seduce them, torment them, and bring them to the same stage as them. Certainly those in Oneness will not be shaken, nor will they have doubts in the paths they have chosen. What's more, they will honor anyone's choices and respect all the faces that appear to them, whether they are incarnate, disincarnate, or entities from outside your planet. These, because some are quarantined and cannot leave, are still able to exert negative influences, because they are using their darker faces and exert their influences on those who are compatible with their ideas.

Dear ones, the law of attraction is more intense now than ever before, as all the energy of the Cosmos is very active, due to the transformation and raising of vibration at this time. If you connect with the positive, you will have much more support now than ever before. If you connect with the lower frequencies, you will tune back into the old faces, the old road, and you will certainly have a pull to stay in that old pattern.

While duality is being finalized for you, the forces that have ruled your planet for so long - the old energy, chaos, fear, pain, hatred - will try to hang on to someone who gives them credit, and all that old energy is registered in the old faces that were used as experiences. But remember again, you don't need to use them anymore, they have served their purpose. However, those who don't consider it so, again we say, will be respected. The end of duality has been naturally connecting you with yourself, with who you want to be. The end of duality has been giving you a choice, an opportunity to see yourself as you have never seen yourself. For some, as I said, it may be painful; for some, revolting; for some, overjoying; for some, an opportunity to say no to the Divine Self and stay longer in those dual experiences that they naturally know they will no longer have on Shan (Earth).

Dear ones, understand that the storms of recent times, especially with you lightworkers and light warriors, are to bring you within. It all starts there. Of all the forces that are sent to the planet, know that you are the primary receivers. Who first entered the hall of recognition? Yes, you! Do you now understand all the movement of recent times? Choices need to be made! Positions need to be taken! Dear ones, it is a time for the masks to come off! It is time! It is time for everyone to show the face that is really active, so that everything aligns. The light illuminates and shows. The hall of mirrors is there especially to show what you are most in tune with inwardly. It is there to show your weaknesses and strengths. The hall of mirrors is also there to show the truth. The truth of who you really are, or the truth of who you really want to be, or the truth of who you imagine to be.

Dear ones, you will never be forced to choose the Light, but the Light IS! And that cannot be denied much longer. You may choose to deny it, when you allow yourself to be seduced by the faces of the old energy, but the Light is patient, it waits. You have all the time to experience whatever you wish. You have eternity. The light is like a smiling, wise old man sitting on a simple bench in a simple house in the middle of the woods. He says to the one who is still under an old road programming: - "Dear one, sit down! You are very agitated. Calm down, it's all right!". To which the old face tells him: - "No! Something is wrong! That tree is not supposed to be there! Not that other one either! Nor that other one! I need to cut them down!". And he stays in this exhausting cycle of trying to cut the trees to the point that he falls exhausted on the ground. And tired, after a long time, he sits on the lap of the old man (that old gentleman), hugs him and says: - "Oh! I don't know what took me so long. You always said that those trees shouldn't be cut down. They are uncuttable!". And the old man says: - "You needed to see for yourself!". While the old face says: - "Why didn't you stop me?". And the good old man clarified: - "Son, you wouldn't have learned if you hadn't tried it. My job is not to stop you. My job is to show you who you are. And I show you who you are by letting you experience what you want to experience. Whatever it would take, I would be here waiting for you to finish.".

Dear ones, where are you now? What do you want for yourselves?

I would like to remind you that my message is being delivered in several realities at the same time.

I will always be here, or there, or over there. I am wherever you put me.

I hope these truths touch your hearts.

That's what we want you to recognize. Enjoy the hall, it's a great opportunity! And so it is!

Blessings, your brother Ashtar. Adonai! »

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