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Divine Spark Awakening, Change, Spiritual Partnership

CHANGE is the keyword of the last quarter of 2021 and this change is occurring within each one, according to their own Supreme Good (whether we are aware of it or not). What no longer serves us is leaving our lives, and it is important to let go of the old and welcome the new! This change is occurring multidimensionally and affects our mental, emotional, physical, etheric, and other bodies, as well as our Multidimensional Sacred Heart (which has been strongly activated by Earth's crystal core and Source's diamond codes). At the physical level, these changes can manifest in many ways: from relationships that no longer serve us ending; people close to us disincarnating; geographical relocations bringing us closer to others seeking Spiritual Partnership; etc. The acceptance of this change must first begin within ourselves so that we can accept the path that others have chosen, either at the personality level (consciously) or at the soul level (unconsciously). Always remember: « When a door closes, a window opens! ».

For many, this is being the Divine Spark Awakening. And this is part of Ascension! And so it is! :)

I will leave you a small excerpt from the book "Spiritual Partnership" by Gary Zukav, which helps to understand what a Spiritual Partnership is. Blessings, Anabela.

« [...] During the time I lived in a small mountain community, I belonged to a group of men who met weekly for 2 years. We were a group of only 4 and we became very close. We ended up appreciating each other and enjoying the time we spent together. We took mountain bike rides, skied, hiked and explored nature together. We shared our homes with each other, ate dinner together, and asked each other for help, like when I returned home from a trip and found the water freezing in the pipes. We argued and reconciled, we developed sympathy and empathy, we joked and consoled each other. In short, we shared our lives and enriched each other immensely.

Our group broke up when one of the men left, but the friendship with him remained strong and close. I felt that I knew him and that he knew me. That is why I was stunned with shock to hear that he had hanged himself. I could not answer the voice on the phone that announced it to me (a member of our group), nor hang up the phone. I felt like throwing up and at the same time realized that it was because I could not digest what I had just heard. The hours that followed were tumultuous. First came the tears and then a fierce anger. "Why did you do this? Do you think you are the only one in the world? Do you think others have no feelings? What about us? What about me? You didn't even say goodbye." Next came a huge wave of sorrow. I cried without wanting or being able to stop.

The night before, Linda and I had gone to listen to some monks from a Tibetan monastery in India and we were touched by the power of their chanting. Now, after learning of my friend's death, although it was late, I felt like going to visit them! We called their hosts and they invited us to their home. When we arrived, the monks were wide awake and full of life. I did my best to explain my friend's suicide to the superior and the reason why we were there (although it was unknown to me). Speaking was difficult because each new wave of grief suffocated me and the only thing I could do was to stop for a few moments and try to recover my breath and my voice. When I finished, the superior, who had been listening attentively, simply said, "Since you can't do anything for your friend, why don't you relax? Would you like to have dinner with us?" I could not anticipate the effect his words had on me. For a moment, my sorrow slowed down. His invitation seemed very appropriate and his remark obvious. Although a part of me (a fearful part) wanted to cry, I decided to stay for dinner and Linda agreed.

That was an important decision for me. The monks took a picture of my friend (the best picture I had of him) to India to place in the temple for 1 year, and I still remember the unexpected late meal Linda and I shared with 20 laughing, light-hearted companions on the day one of my dearest friends committed suicide. I don't know if the monks were thinking in terms of challenging fearful parts of the personality, but they helped me challenge a fearful part of mine. I still had tears and sorrow to feel (more experiences of fearful parts of my personality), but I had learned a lesson. I saw that my sorrow did not depress the monks; instead, their joy uplifted me. More than that, I saw that my life did not need to follow a downward path of pain and sorrow for several years. I could choose another path and, indeed, that is what I did at that moment.

Those cheerful monks were much more to me than friends, although we didn't know each other until that moment. They gave me something different and refreshing and more healing than friendship. They did not console me ("A tragedy like that must be hard to bear"), nor did they convey their understanding ("My brother also passed away this year"), nor did they give me advice ("It is better to look forward than to look back"), nor did they support in any way the fear that was coursing through me, tormenting, paralyzing and engulfing me. Instead, they showed me a way of being with others that is far more rewarding, that brings joy and confers far more power than friendship. I had heard about this way and even written about it. They helped me to experience it in a way I had never experienced before. This way has a name.

Spiritual Partnership.

Spiritual Partnership is a partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. [...] The partners are together to help each other grow spiritually, rather than to increase their comfort and physical security. Spiritual partnerships are vehicles that multisensory people use to create authentic power and support each other in creating authentic power. [...] The goal they share is spiritual growth and each knows that he or she must be the one to achieve it. Their commitment is a promise to their spiritual development, a determination to move toward the fullness of their own potential in order to bestow the gifts they were born to give. Spiritual partners dive into their deepest fears - their experiences of powerlessness - with the intention of healing them completely. »

PS: You can use the image in this article to help you Awaken your Divine Spark. Just look at it and breathe. You can also share it, I just ask you to keep the image credits. Gratitude! Anabela

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