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Guidelines for Conscious Communications and Actions

What does it mean to be connected to the Whole? First of all, it starts with the feeling that, in reality, we are literally all ONE, the Whole! This feeling cannot be forced, it is not something that comes from the mind, but from the Multidimensional Sacred Heart. The connection becomes more and more empathic, we feel what that person feels, or even that dog, cat, feels, or even, we feel being that tree that is there in front of us. It's a feeling of deep connection and peace! When someone begins to feel this within oneself, it is a good sign that one is moving towards a 5D existence. In 5D we are all transparent, that is, we see and feel what others think and feel, we feel that connection of the Whole. There are no more masks! And for many this is still terrifying, because they still wish to hide their ego intentions for fear of being rejected. But to love oneself and others is to recognize the ego's intentions and act in lovingness to transform them. When you can't manage the process alone, ask for help: either simply by talking to an awakened person who effectively understands you, but also has the courage to tell you what you don't want but need to hear; either therapeutically, to free yourself from something you can't do through your own channel; or by asking your Higher Self and Guides for help. The action to take must come from the heart, from the voice of intuition. The idea is exactly that we are all here for each other, to help each other grow. And this is called Spiritual Partnership. And so it is! :)

Today I share with you the Guidelines for Conscious Communications and Actions taken from the book "Spiritual Partnership" by Gary Zukav, and I take this opportunity to remind you that the Yellow Flame is excellent to help us to have more and more discernment by the heart, to connect with the Mind of God, that Divine Wisdom. Blessings, Anabela.


Intuition constitutes an access to compassion and wisdom that lies beyond what we can give each other. It is communication with non-physical guides and Masters [of light] whose only interest is in one's spiritual growth. The first part of accessing your intuition consists of asking a question. The second consists in listening to the answer. The answer always comes, although possibly not in the way, or at the time, that you expect. [...] The answer may come while you are in the shower, during a walk, or when you are driving towards work. It may not be what you want to hear. The answers coming from your intuition will often surprise you. Your intellect will always rationalize your actions [and perceptions]. Intuitive perceptions are not directives, instructions, or orders. Your non-physical Masters will not tell you what to do. They will lead you into the broader and deeper realm of your creative capacity, help you to see options that may not have occurred to you and to consider the consequences that each one will create. [...] The responsibility for your choices belongs always and solely to you, whoever you decide to consult throughout your decision-making process, including the non-physical Masters.

Note Anabela: Sometimes an intuitive perception can arise without consciously asking a question. It can arise spontaneously when facing a situation in the present moment. All the thoughts of doubt, fear, that may arise next, will already be the Ego Mind, the intellect, trying to override the Heart's intuition. We need to be very present, in the Here and Now, to be able to listen to that intuition. ;)

2- CHOOSE MY INTENTION before speaking or acting.

Intentions are causes that create effects. Choosing an intention constitutes the fundamental creative act that will allow you to receive what you ask (choose). [...] An intention is the reason, or the motivation, for doing what you do. Every action has an intention, and every intention derives from a loving part or a fearful part of the personality. The same action can have different intentions. For example, the motivation for wanting to receive a lot of money may be to buy designer clothes or a luxury car to attract attention and get recognition, or it may be to pay for a child's school expenses. The first intention represents the pursuit of external power. The second creates authentic power. [...] If you don't choose your intentions consciously, you will choose them unconsciously (the fearful parts of your personality will choose for you). You will always be able to recognize the consequences of unconscious choices (decisions made outside your consciousness by the fearful parts of your personality) because they hurt when you encounter them. [...] If you are unsure of your intention, ask yourself before you speak or act, « What is my motivation? ». You will not be alone in your assessment. This is a sure way to consult your intuition. [...]

3- ACT ON THE BASIS OF THE MOST HEALTHY PART OF MY PERSONALITY that I have access to (instead of protecting, solving, teaching, judging, blaming, badmouthing others, etc.)

Choosing to act based on a loving part of your personality, while being invaded by the painful sensations of a fearful part of your personality, is the moment of traction on the spiritual path. Choosing to act based on the healthiest part of your personality that you can find, rather than on the less healthy part, represents the step that extends you beyond the limitations of the fearful parts of your personality; the moment when authentic power is created, the instant when spiritual growth takes place. All of this is dependent on your choice. [...] Temptation is a rehearsal of a negative karmic event. Temptations allow you to experience and heal the negativity in your own energetic sphere before it passes into the spheres of others. They are benign offerings from the compassionate and wise Universe that allow you to grow spiritually without harming others or yourself. [...]

4- SPEAK IN A PERSONAL, SPECIFIC WAY, not in a general, abstract way (use sentences beginning with «I» instead of sentences beginning with «we» or «the people»).

Talking about others in general terms, rather than in specific terms about yourself, obscures the fearful parts of your personality and dilutes the way you experience them. Creating authentic power requires that you feel the full power of these destructive and painful aspects of your personality and challenge them. [...] You are recognizing the responsibility for your words and actions. By creating authentic power, you become the authority in your life. You take responsibility for what you choose or don't choose, for what you pay attention to or not, for what you create.

5- DISTANCIATE FROM THE OUTCOME (trust the Universe). If I find myself feeling attachment, I start again with Commitment, Courage, Compassion.

The highest priority of humans who rely on the five senses is to manipulate and control circumstances (the pursuit of external power) [...] The highest priority of multisensory human beings is to grow spiritually (create authentic power). This difference in priorities alters your experiences and the consequences they create. Human beings who rely on the five senses seek solutions to feel safe and special. Multisensory humans learn about themselves to create authentic power. [...] Attachment to an outcome that makes you feel precious or secure tells you that you are seeking external power. By creating authentic power, your understanding of what needs to be done in each moment - getting another job, learning to say no without anger, learning to say yes without pleasing, and so on - becomes more accurate, your choices more effective, which will create constructive and joyful consequences, rather than destructive and painful ones. [...]

Here is a microlist for creating authentic power:

a) TRUSTING. The compassion and wisdom of the Universe are visible and available for experimentation everywhere, in all circumstances, and at all times. [...] Each circumstance provides a new opportunity to consult intuition, use emotional awareness, make responsible choices, and align your personality with your soul. [...]

b) RELAXING. The fearful parts of the personality escape from the pain of helplessness into difficult emotions, obsessive thoughts, compulsive activities, and addictive behaviors. [...] Once you become aware of it, the rest is mere experience. [...] Then you can say to yourself: « The Universe is my co-creator » and relax into co-creation; relax into your partnership with the Universe; relax into the eternal present moment; relax into your life and all that it contains.

c) DOING MY BEST. [...] When you trust the Universe and relax, you can do your best. Until then, you can't. [...] Using your experiences to create authentic power is always the best you can do, and nothing more is asked of you.

d) HAVING FUN. When you can see the wisdom and compassion of the Universe, when you are relaxed in your life and doing your best, there is nothing else you can do. Then take your hands off the wheel. Let your non-physical guides and Masters do their part. Let the Universe do its part. Accept that you cannot know how the Universe works or understand its compassion and wisdom, nor do you need to. You just need to trust, relax, do your best, and have fun. »

Note Anabela: For those people who follow guidance from guides, but still are always in a painful process, believing that it is necessary to suffer in order to evolve, turn inward and ask your intuition, your Inner Master, if those guides are actually guides of light. There are many wolves disguised in sheep's clothing, including holographic projections of the CAI! If in doubt, invoke the Yellow Flame, to the crown, asking to be shown the truth, and simultaneously invoke the Violet Flame to transmute all the energy in your head.

PS: You can use the image in this article to help you connect in relationships. Just look at it and breathe. You can also share it, I just ask that you keep the image credit. Gratitude! Anabela

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