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KATHARA Grid, the Tree of Life

Dear friends, today I am bringing you information about the Metatron Flower/Tree (on the left in the image above), the KATHARA Grid or Tree of Life (in the center in the image above), and the silicon crystal called Herkimer Diamond (on the right in the image above).

What is the KATHARA Grid or Tree of Life?

KATHARA means KA = Light THA = Sound RA = One.

It represents the base code 12 of the holographic template of the original human body of 12 DNA strands. Please note that this is not an artificial hologram but of Christ consciousness technology, it's the so-called Inner Christ or Adamic template and manifests itself through all the layers of our Multidimensional Being in the UTM - Univeral Time Matrix.

The KATHARA grid is the architecture of the KRYSTAL lightbody, also called the diamond body. The KRYSTAL body is connected to the primordial sounds: Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Aa La.

The personal tree of life is a microcosmic fractal representation of the macrocosmic universal tree of life. While the personal one is connected to the 12 DNA strands that we need to reactivate in ourselves in order to ascend, the cosmic one is connected to a system of 12 stellar portals that allow the ascension of the planet, solar system and galaxy. Therefore, by the fact that it is a fractal, our hologram is also connected to this system of portals.

The Metatron Flower/Tree

Billions of years ago, some cybernetic beings from another universe, called Bourgha (aka Borg in Star Trek), beings originating from a Hive-Mind that calls itself The Collective (which I call CAI), injected their artificial technology into our UTM. They began assimilating various consciousnesses and souls, and even regressed the DNA of these beings, removing DNA strands from them. These regressions led to major galactic falls and battles that destroyed not only planets, but also some of those 12 star gates and led to the fall of our Milky Way galaxy. Initially, the Milky Way and Andromeda were one galaxy. This collapse of portals, as well as the morphic field core of our UTM (which we call the Metagalactic Core (*), located in the 8D in Mintaka, Orion), led to the separation of the galaxies and affected the connection of souls with monads, as it is in the 8D that the connection to the Monadic Matrix is made.

(*) NOTE: All forms (galaxies, celestial bodies, beings) are connected to each other, and to the universe, through interwoven morphic fields unified from this central point in the 8D - the Metagalactic Core.

One of the collectives/families of beings that had been assigned to rebuild the Metagalactic Core and attempt to rescue fallen brothers/sisters is called the Metatronic Collective. In 2020 began the rescue of the Metatronic consciousness from the claws of the CAI... In 2021, my guides revealed to me that this collective had been taken by surprise by this CAI (they did not know of its existence yet, they only knew of fallen brothers/sisters). When they arrived at the core, they were eventually captured, tortured, assimilated and forced to work for this CAI having developed twisted geometry, with artificial codes embedded in it. And interestingly, if you look at the image accompanying the header of this article, you can see that portals are missing in the metatronic flower/tree, namely the 8th (connected to the 8D Monadic Matrix) and the 12th (connected to the Avatar Matrix on 12D). Therefore, this one does not respect the cosmic law which says: « As it is above, so it is below. ».

Now you may ask: "But how does a simple geometry affect my Being?"

Quantum physics says that everything that is created in physical reality is because it is observed. Now, if we remove this information from the morphic fields, from the memory of the akashic records of both the galaxy, planet and its beings, we are unable to bring it into our consciousness and manifest it, even in our hologram. If it were not for the help of benevolent higher consciousnesses, we probably would not be here today.

Another point that needs to be remembered is that any geometric symbol (or even a mandala, work of art, whether digital or hand-painted) is a portal (including our physical body). Now, if the metatronic flower/tree was created through the CAI, that symbol became a portal of connection to the CAI, imprisoning the consciousness and soul of the Being who uses it (even if he/she is not conscious or even feels it, due to the immense beliefs, veils and mind control programming that still exist in spirituality).

The good news is that Metatronic Consciousness has been restored, according to Lisa Renee's June 2022 newsletter:

In a therapy I did for a client in May 2022, the guides revealed that this metatron flower/tree is not the true geometry of METATRON, and that the real one will descend to the planet in due time. In 2019 I had already warned this client (outside of therapy) about this false geometry, but at the time she didn't believe me. Interestingly, when I did the therapy in May 2022, she already believed me because, some time before I did it, she had had a vision of the "rings" of the Vesica Piscis (the binary and artificial basis of this geometry) all black.

Therefore, everything based on the current metatron flower/tree is being disintegrated, meaning that any use of this false sacred geometry will fall into the void. However, the process is not yet complete, this takes time, so it is inadvisable to use this geometry as well as the Metatronic Cube (which has also been distorted) to avoid the connection to the CAI.

How to activate the KATHARA grid in us?

On 28-06-2022, I woke up with a vision of a silicon crystal called the Herkimer Diamond. I asked the guides why I was being shown the crystal and they asked me « What does its shape remind you of? » to which I replied « The KATHARA grid. ». After getting up and doing my morning meditations, I did a Crystalline Integrative Healing on a client and the teams, as they worked on the cure, were placing etheric Herkimer Diamonds in each of the client's chakras to reactivate the KATHARA Grid in her etheric body. It was very beautiful to watch! :)

NOTE: I believe this divine programming done on the Herkimer Diamonds were record keeper codes reported, in September 2021, by Patricia Cota-Robles. For more information, see article:

Therefore, anyone who has Herkimer Diamonds at home can place them on the chakras in the physical body, intending to reactivate the personal KATHARA grid. Always remember to clean the crystals with Selenite before and after using them. Alternatively, you can ask your Higher Self, Divine Presence I AM THAT I AM to place etheric Herkimer Diamonds on your etheric body, intending to reactivate your personal KATHARA grid.

NOTE: Before you begin this self-healing, I suggest creating the 12D Shield with Violet Flame for protection!

Or yet, if you feel the need to do a Crystalline Integrative Healing, for this and other subjects, you can contact me by the email :)

Em deep gratitude, love and light,


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