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Kwan Yin - The Force of Grace

This morning, after my meditations and decrees, Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, manifested asking me to deliver a message entitled « The Force of Grace ». Here is her message...

« Many are those who feel outside the Grace of God/Father/Mother/Life, but why do they feel this way? Have you ever questioned yourself? They feel this way because, deep down, they still want things to happen or be done according to the will of the ego (and mind), rather than the will of the Resident Infinite Spirit. When you allow yourself to walk in the faith and peace of your heart it is guaranteed that you are in the Force of Grace, for that Grace is the Deep Love from the Source existing in your sacred temple, in your Higher Heart, what you call the Thymus.

And being in this Force of Grace does not mean that all the way through is made of roses. There will also be many thorns, but the more you are in the Grace, in the Force of Love of your Higher Heart, the lighter you will be to walk over those thorns and the pain will become minimal. The more you practice the Force of Grace, there will come a time when not even your feet will touch those thorns, for it is as if you levitate over them, and one day they will even disappear from your path. [Kwan Yin smiling] And so it is!

May the Force of Grace in your hearts be kindled for you as a beacon of light, so that you may first be the pioneers of the path and then show it to others; show others that this path of Grace exists and that they too may walk it if they so desire. And so it is! Thank God/Father/Mother/Life.

I AM Kwan Yin in the Force of Grace and Compassion. »

At the end, Kwan Yin suggested that I share an excerpt from the book by the Portuguese journalist José Rodrigues dos Santos, entitled « The Garden of Animals With Soul ». In this excerpt from the book, based on proven scientific facts, it is shown that even ants know how to discover new paths and teach it to other younger ones so that they learn to recognize that path. Transposing to the human being, this path has to be recognized by the heart. Here is then the excerpt from the book. Blessings, Anabela.

« The ants all look the same to us, which is why the scientists marked them with different colored paints so that they could follow them, knowing where each marked individual was. Then they destroyed the holes where they lived, to force them to find a new place to live and follow what each one did. They saw some ants identifying suitable locations, which shows that they are able to evaluate properties, and then they saw how they communicated to the others that in that place there was good land to build new houses. This is how they came across a white one, who knew a good plot of land, and who had a younger red one behind it, who had not yet been to the place. The white one went to teach it the way.

[...] It turned out that the scientists had previously seen the white one going back and forth to the new location very quickly, but now that it was guiding the red one, who didn't know the way, it started to walk much slower, because the red one was stopping here and there and turning its head from side to side, to memorize the orientation points. Whenever the red apprentice memorized a section, it touched the white teacher with its antennae, and the white teacher advanced a little further. When the red learner stopped to memorize a new section, the white teacher would stop as well. It took her almost 30 seconds to stop, waiting for the red learner to memorize the new section, and only continued when the red learner touched it on the paws, as if to say that it had already learned that part. »



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