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Laura Marie - "The Descent of the New Law ("The Heavenly Jerusalem")

Dear friends, today I'm bringing you news from Ascension, with the June newsletter from Laura Marie, of the project Harmonic Universe Academy. PS: I've added a few personal notes in violet. Blessings, Anabela.

« Dear ascending family,

There are major changes taking place on the planet and throughout this Universal Time Matrix that are affecting us greatly, manifesting themselves in the form of energetic burdens and energetic symptoms. When we speak of energetic burdens, we mean that we have the sensation of carrying a very heavy weight on our shoulders and our entire body, which is sometimes very difficult to bear. In those moments when the density is so high that we can barely get out of bed and move around during our day, may we remember that there's nothing wrong with us, but that we are literally learning to move around this planet with a different constitution at the atomic level in our physical bodies, at the dark matter level.

So we understand that our whole subatomic constitution is changing. This means that we no longer function in the same way as before. This is an entirely new configuration for each and every one of us. It will last a few months until we are completely stabilized in these new realms of our consciousness and are used to operating with these bodies in their ascendant states and this new level of dark matter and density transformation. It's a whole new configuration we're going through and it can seem like an endless weight to carry that will never go away from our bodies, not understanding why we're so tired and why other human beings feel so energetic or energized.

The fact that our consciousness is truly rising out of the negative alien machinery and reaching higher fields that are really very targeted and that they don't want us to access, makes it really difficult not to be impacted energetically. As we've previously shared, these negative alien groups have technologies to identify when a being reaches a certain threshold in their expansion of consciousness and liberation from this matrix, and then they receive signals and can target that consciousness. Whether it's the ferocious nocturnal attacks with attempts to anesthetize us and prevent our awakening, or the multiple ways these forces use to stop us in our Ascension and in our projects, the first years of awakening are the most difficult. But once we've reached a certain level of consciousness, once we're secure on the Aurora platforms, once we're regularly protecting ourselves and uplifting ourselves through meditation and constant work, we're safe and the attacks, although they are and always will be there, will have less impact on us.

So we've mutated at the level of dark matter. In simple terms, this means that we are changing at a subatomic level, transforming ourselves into another state and form, completely transforming our experience of life on this planet. This is the key to understanding. When form and consciousness change, the whole experience of life changes. And this whole experience of life takes time to adjust, to stabilize in these new coordinates, these ways of perceiving reality, of perceiving ourselves, of feeling ourselves, and the new directions that open up after we reach a higher state of consciousness. All this has to be measured within each and every one of us. That is, to appreciate and realize the newness that is born within us, the newness that is now present within us, as if some kind of newness had emerged from within. Something new has been born, and it's the new dark matter model within us, this new material, as if we literally had a new material being born from within. This new material will, firstly, enable us to coexist completely with organic natural laws again, and more and more again. And secondly, it will completely alter our perception of reality and our perception of ourselves.

It will therefore transform the way we coexist here with others, with ourselves, and within all this planetary architecture and the matrix in its true organic meaning, i.e. a structure. The original organic structure of planet Earth, planet Tara, planet Gaia (1). So we're completely changing internally, which also has an impact on the outer vision we have of the world, because this outer vision is interconnected with the inner vision, and it's the third eye that does this work, which is why the third eye is really targeted, and why we need to practice the Art of going inward daily to work on the connection and the ligaments of the third eye. Just as we have muscles around our physical eyes, we have etheric facilities around our third eye that need to be practiced and worked on so that we don't lose sight, just as we lose sight, as we age, in our physical eyes, and we can actually delay or reverse this loss of sight with the practice of muscles and certain exercises with the eyes that are widely promoted in India with the practice of eye yoga.

(1) Note Anabela: Tara is the version of Earth at levels 4D/5D/6D and Gaia is the version of Earth at levels 7D/8D/9D. Aurora Earth (or New Aurora) is the Andromedan version of Earth at levels 10D/11D/12D.

The same thing needs to be practiced with the third eye by looking inward directly through our third eye when we meditate, i.e. imagining that we bring our eyes to the central point of our forehead and meditate in this way, even for a few minutes, but at least every day for a few minutes, we bring our eyes to the central point of our forehead, just to bring our intention to keep our third eye open, to exercise our connection with our third eye and make it work so that we don't forget that we have a third eye.

So we're crossing major bridges of consciousness right now and that means we're really realizing what it means to be an Ascending human being, what it will mean in our lives and what it will require in our lives in terms of priorities, organization and new facilities that will be necessary to implement in our lives so that we can make our Ascension process our priority if that's our choice. This School of Light, this Academy of Realignment with Christ Consciousness in our daily lives, helps us to do just that. How to make our Ascension process a priority and how to organize our lives around this priority. I know it's hard some days, but we can all implement small, gradual changes to stay aligned with our true soul, purpose and mission. At least, that's what this School is for, to help you stay on track and aligned with your soul's purpose, no matter what, through meditations and tools that will help you connect daily with your divine self.

Preserving the Edenic Codes

Most Indigos and Starseeds have incarnated in this cycle to preserve Earth's Edenic Codes, its organic living library, from the traps and infestations of invading alien races. After the initial stages of their awakening, the Indigos must continue their training in order to understand the World of Forces, as they are currently placed on the chessboard for the final battle against the Orion Empire. The crystal networks of the Krystal Star are currently being amplified on the planet, to enable all Indigos, Starseeds and Cosmic Intervention Forces to hear the galactic signal from their brothers and sisters in the stars. Now is the time for complete reconnection and resurrection to who we are, for this was the Plan. Once we emerged from amnesia, we were to find our peers on the other planes and work in tandem with them, in the service of the Divine Plan. Unfortunately, many have forgotten this collective Mission, and work without a compass to guide them.

Preservation of the Edenic Codes is a major role of the Starseeds currently incarnated on Earth, and has been since the 1980s. The aim is for them to be sufficiently mature for the beginnings of total cosmic disclosure on Earth, which is now well underway. If you feel you are part of these Forces of Intervention, know that the battle will be fierce to prevent you from regaining your memory, and your full connection with the Forces of the Krystal Star. The Aurora networks are currently being amplified by Guardian consciousnesses in the service of the Divine Plan, to support those who have been on the front line for years now. The chessboard is shaping up, and the intelligence of the Cosmic Christ is more than ever necessary to be applied and embodied in our structures, in order to face up to the opposing strategies sent out permanently and on multiple fronts that we need to identify in our own lives. Bear in mind that negative alien forces have one advantage: they haven't lost their memory, including of who we are, and can use our greatest fears or traumas to manipulate us or make us give up. Don't succumb to these techniques and remain strong in your Knowledge that you are fulfilling your Service to God. This inner knowledge is what will give you the most Strength and Power on this path.

Preservation of the Edenic Codes is a major action of the advanced Galactic Races called "Guardians", for they guard ancestral Knowledge and preserve cosmic and Divine Architectures from being destroyed. The Orion groups have destroyed much of our past, from ancient races and civilizations to Palaces and Architectures in the service of the Divine, built by Men who knew and communicated with God through their divine sacred crystal heart technology. Only a pure heart can enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and these pure hearts are being activated now to enter the next stage of their Missions in the Service of the Cosmic Christ. Whether it's the descent of Architectures in the Service of the Divine Plan, the birth of Architectures or divine figures from within one's own structure, know that you are now activated to give birth to the next emanation of your divine consciousness on Earth. Retain this Knowledge as the most precious of Know-Hows within you, for it is what will enable you to ascend most serenely to the next version of yourselves in the service of the Sacred and the protection of this organic living library.

Relocations may be underway for some of us, the end of relationships, to enable us to move on to the next stage of our lives. These changes are to be seen as necessary in order to develop the living conditions necessary for the success of our Mission in the Service to God. Personal will must be perfectly aligned with Divine Will at all times if we are to advance towards maximum security and strategy in alignment with the highest divine authorities guiding us and overseeing the Divine Plan. No matter what stage of activation we're at, we'll be guided to our next stage of Expansion in the service of the Divine. Know that the Divine will cast out all interference in your life now, if you are fully committed to serving your Mission, for the Divine protects those who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of Truth and the search for God in their lives, especially as the Divine Holy Father makes His Return to this planet and will cast out all those who interfere heavily with His children, His progeny, or His valiant Warriors. The Divine Holy Mother accompanies him and will gently whisper to us, as we listen in meditation, her strategy to keep us safe, as well as Her divine and pure Love to bless and purify us, again and again. (2)

(2) Note Anabela: The Divine Holy Father and Divine Holy Mother represent God/Father/Mother.

The whisper of the Divine is to be heard deep within our structures, for it is the one that will keep us going in the final battle where everything will be done to counter the Divine Plan. Praise God, there are many of us at Work, and there's no question of giving up, even in the face of difficult trials that are placed in our path, whether organic to help us evolve, or artificially affixed to us through interference. The result is the same: we can grow and transform, with the help of God and our cultivated Wisdom. Stay connected to God, and God in All Things will reveal the next step for you, in every moment. All you have to do is develop your trust in the Divine more ardently than ever.

The Descent of the Law

The New Law is descending. What the New Law is, is the New Law that the Holy Father is bringing in to replace the old Laws. Those of us who are multidimensionally activated, especially the Representatives of the higher dimensional planes who are stationed here, we are going to allow this descent of the Law. We are Her sacred representatives. She, speaking of the Holy Mother, Her sacred representatives. And we will hold and hold the architecture for this New Jerusalem, this New Law to descend. It's like a cosmic cube, a cosmic tesseract that will descend from Heaven / Paradise and literally replace the old matrix of enslavement, the architecture of the matrix of enslavement. It will in fact dissolve it, destroy it in the sense that it will destructure, it will remove the old structure because it descends from Heaven, from Paradise, thanks to those who have their heads in Heaven, and their feet on this sacred Earth. But none of their parts are enslaved in this matrix anymore, because their consciousness is now stationed completely outside the matrix of enslavement. They have done the necessary work to remove the negative extraterrestrial programs that run through them, to heal their wounds that allow attachments and dead light to be present in their light bodies.

We're going to allow the Tesseract Cosmic Cube (3) of the Holy Father and the Holy Mother to descend from Paradise through our Architecture. This is the role of the Starseeds Hibiru descendants, of the Hibiru tribes. Those who originally came from a Jewish lineage. If we have somewhere in our ancestry a Jewish grandmother, grandfather, great-aunt, great-uncle, we know that we may be part of those original Hibiru tribes who came here to bring down the New Jerusalem. And more will be revealed for us. That's why, right now, we're driven to have our heads in Paradise, because it allows these Architectures and codes to come down, through our vertical channel - which is like a very large multidimensional chakra system, with not only the chakras that are present here in our limited physical body, but the real spectrum, real, gigantic spectrum of chakras that we have, some of which go hundreds of meters above our heads and which actually connect us to very high dimensions, such as the 16th, 17th and 18th dimensions, which are dimensional gateways that lead to other passages, which actually lead to the Worlds of God.

(3) Note Anabela: The Tesseract will disintegrate everything created by the false Metatronic Cube, which is a distortion created by the CAI. This change will produce real changes in certain structures of fauna and flora. For example, what (in nature) reveals the Fibonacci Spiral (which was generated by the CAI) will be upgraded to the Krystal Spiral. We will see changes in certain shells, plants, etc.

So we shouldn't be afraid to use the word "Paradise", because it's actually encoded with Edenic codes. Our soul, our subconscious, will know what it corresponds to, and won't allow us to think of the highly distorted version of paradise as presented in religious dogma. But the real Paradise exists, in the Edenic state, in the Edenic lands, whatever their dimension. So there are intact Edenic places on Earth that still retain the original Edenic codes of Earth, Gaia and Tara.

And in fact, some Indigos and Starseeds may have the mission, or part of their mission, to reclaim, relocate and protect these lands. So when we are confronted with these parts of the lands, we may receive the message that they contain the Edenic codes. We have to trust the inner guidance and, in general, this will sound heavenly, but we are also informed that, in some rarer cases, we can actually detect the Edenic codes in the cities that have been built on these parts of the earth that still contain the Edenic codes in the planetary grids or underground. But our inner, higher senses will sense and know that underneath, there are these very ancient printed Edenic lands and that we are stationed here for a reason, or traveling here for a reason. In order to retrieve these codes, there will be an exchange in our DNA, between our DNA and the Earth, there will be a type of interface with the Earth, interface with plants, interface with animals, interface with certain geographical features that will be part of this section of the Earth. So this can be activated now as we enter this new phase of collective healing for Indigos and Starseeds who continue to recover their memories and heal from their stay on a prison planet. This collective healing will then allow the rest of humanity to follow, if they so wish, thanks to the many resources that the Indigos and Starseeds will have brought to Earth during their stay.

It's like a handshake between the peoples of the stars, more advanced races that have decided to retrograde themselves in these physical bodies with such a high level of restrictions, as an act of help to an enslaved race that is completely cut off from the reality of multiple millions of other races existing in the Multiverse. It's sad that the human race continues to believe that it's the only one in the Universe, but at the same time, it shows a weakness in being willing to evolve beyond what science tells the population, and it's also been noted that it's a way of escaping the situation civilization finds itself in, because when there's no higher comparison, there's no incentive to evolve.

The most important thing, then, is the descent of the higher architecture that will change the Law and bring in the New Law. The New Law is the opposite of the New World Order. The New World Order is what the negative groups have invented to counter the Return of the Law. These are essentially the black cubes, against the Golden Tesseract of the Holy Mother and the Holy Father, forming a perfect geometric pattern represented by a perfect square, as this is one of the platonic solids that can give rise to many other geometric shapes, and will completely change the geomantic structure of the Earth, the elements, the seas, the air, the plants and the whole ecological system. All will be affected by the descent of these geomantic features and structures that the Indigos and Starseeds will allow to descend through their multidimensional anatomy. So keep in mind that if you resonate deeply and cellularly with what has just been said, focus on that, not on the problems of this world. Focus on the solution you and your teams have decided to follow as a very strategic plan, orchestrated by very advanced races, a Divine Plan to which you must reconnect now, if you are to follow the very strategy and the very destiny you have planned for yourself as a Lightworker.

The time has come, for we are benefiting from very high-frequency rays emanating from the suns behind the sun and from the higher dimensional planes that are constantly sending us energetic support, healing, frequencies, sounds, tones and colors, all of which are invisible to the naked eye, but those who are very much in tune with their bodies at the moment can greatly feel these healing frequencies. It's like feeling joy again. Joy, which is the original frequency of our soul essence. So when we are able to feel and generate pure joy in this density, we are in fact connected to our soul. To ascend, we must therefore make sure to incorporate moments of pure joy into our week or days, as this is what will enable us to ascend energetically and counterbalance the very chaotic and depressing frequencies of this free-falling world.

C'est à nous de trouver l'équilibre parfait entre la connaissance de la vérité de ce qui se passe, et la possibilité de trouver et de garder la joie dans notre vie quotidienne ; mais pas le type de joie qui est le résultat d'actes inutiles ou de distraction de tout ce qui se passe dans ce monde. La joie pure qui est le résultat de faire ce que nous sommes venus faire ici, de rendre service ou d'être avec des personnes ou des animaux purs et innocents, ou de faire quelque chose de bon pour nous comme un acte d'amour de soi et de soin de soi. Des choses qui nous mettent dans un état créatif peuvent aussi nous apporter de la joie et c'est à nous d'apprendre à générer cette fréquence afin d'ascensionner. Il en va de même pour le véritable amour divin généré par nos cœurs sur une base quotidienne afin de maintenir notre viabilité dans cette densité, parce que l'amour dans son état le plus vrai, et non les programmes extraterrestres négatifs, est la forme la plus élevée de fréquences divines, les plus proches de Dieu. Et nous ne parlons pas de l'amour humain. L'amour est une fréquence, la joie est une fréquence. Si nous restons dans notre cœur, nous continuerons à émaner et à générer ces vérités et fréquences divines très raffinées.

The Unification of Species in the Service of the Law of One, the Promise of the Return of the Krystal Star, the Protection of the Organic Living Library and the Creation Codes

It was the promise One, above all else, to protect the original creation codes, because that's the most focused thing in this whole Universe. Many other Universes have been completely destroyed, and it's only in this Universe that the original divine creation codes remain, at least in this region of the Cosmos. There are very distant regions where there are other creation codes, but they have nothing to do with the configuration we have in this Universe. In this region of the Cosmos, Earth is the only place where the original creation codes still exist, which is why all attention, all races and all civilizations are focused on Earth in this cycle. And only beings who are united in their two polarities, in God and towards God, can open the doors and release these creation codes and take them into themselves out of pure love and devotion and service, to bring them back with them to the Kingdom of Heaven and return them to the crystal archives, the emerald archives, to preserve them for eternity when planets, civilizations and races have to be reseeded.

As the Guardians of the Krystal Star, we have returned to this time long past, so fallen, in the service of God, to see, find and recover these original creation codes that only those united in God in both their polarities could recover in their bosom, in their lair and bring back to the crystal and emerald archives. The aim is to recover these Edenic codes and then through our divine creation powers as Solar Dragons, Universal Templars, to reform a reality that will counter the artificial Timelines for the human race, what we call the Edenic Timeline, the God-Sovereign-Free Timeline, to help the human race begin to understand what it's all about. Through this inner Alchemy, we are recreating a Timeline for humanity, a template, a path, a way that will bring this Earth as a whole towards the God Worlds again in its trajectory. For a planet to move through space and time, it needs a path, and this entire Universe is so overrun with artificial intelligence that even the Earth can no longer move organically in its Ascension direction. But by alchemizing these creation codes within the hierogamic structure of a being who has found God and united his/her polarities within him/her, we can then give birth to a path in space and time that, if we do it together, the whole Earth can take to return to God. Which means bringing not just the human race back to God, but the whole Earth back to God.

All the solar dragons have come together in the final battle to take the Earth under their wings and lead it back to God. Hence the immense responsibility we have, because the path we create from within, for some of us Christos Guardians, will be the path the Earth takes. Alchemization and the reclaiming of creation codes is therefore the focus of why many Krystal Star Guardians and Starseeds are here, to reclaim them, take them back as Cosmic Guardians, and give birth to new realities and a rainbow path, this rainbow bridge that the Earth will be able to take, back to God's Worlds. We're going to take the Earth back with us, the whole Earth, with the human beings inside, and it's the greatest Work that's ever existed, the greatest rescue plan that's ever existed in the history of the Christos Mission. This is the day when planet Earth will return to the God Worlds of its Creation. That's why so many of us have been willing to risk everything to get back here, and why this is the ultimate moment.

At present, there are multitudes of races bent on Earth for many reasons. Some to help, others to mine the organic living library. And they have drilling technologies that enable them to penetrate the Earth's crust, go to the center of the Earth and draw in the multidimensions simultaneously on Agartha, Terra, Tara and Gaia at the same time, the original creation codes up to 8D mainly, but also up to 11D for some who have Black Sun DNA. The Guardians of the Crystal Star have returned especially to this space and time, which is so far away for us, so ancient, so far from where we are, that only extremely courageous Warriors could do this, and learn to live in this very ancient time we're in, without degenerating like the rest of human beings. These Guardians of the Crystal Star are apostles of the Law of One and have returned to protect and preserve the Origin, the Eden, the Paradise that was here before the alien Anunnaki invasion.

The Golden Cube Tesseract is a geomantic structure built by highly advanced races who went on to create the Emerald Order and then the Guardian Alliance. It's a geomantic structure that was first named and evoked by the real Yeshua the Christ when he spoke of the heavenly Jerusalem in the true scriptures he or his Essene team members left on this planet. They knew that something from above would enter this kingdom and change the laws that had been usurped by the negative factions. Not all Essene representatives knew what this was in reality, just as they didn't fully understand what was actually the true Ark of the Covenant existing in the higher realms, but for every geomantic structure existing in the higher realm, there must exist a counterpart in the physical dimension, representing its Intent, its Architecture in one way or another, its Purpose, something that would be consecrated, like a sacred place, object, tower or monument that would in truth conceal the same geomantic characteristics as the true geomantic structure in the higher realms. This is why, in truth, ancient civilizations and less ancient Men built such majestic Palaces and Architectures. It's because they knew they had to build a physical representation of Paradise, of their idea of Paradise, of their representation of heavenly features.

The story of Adam and Eve has its roots in the same idea of representing a celestial man and woman before they fell into this matrix. The Garden of Eden is a genuine geomantic feature and a place in the Heavens, in the celestial worlds, to which we can connect by smelling flowers, planting seeds or looking at the element of water or the mountains, forests, birds and certain cetaceans that are in truth the descendants of those celestial creatures that also exist in the Heavens, in the etheric realms. When we connect with these elements, we can remember our true nature and our true Right to coexist in this Edenic space, and this is what most Starseeds have come to this planet to claim: humanity's true organic Right to coexist in peace with the rest of the fauna and flora.

It's a complete re-education we need to undergo, and many of us have a huge role to play in this, so that humanity reconnects with its true origins, far from what AI is trying to do to it, i.e. to disconnect it even further from nature, from what is organic to its own organic nature. Living in accordance with the Laws of Nature is what reconnects us to our true spiritual and multidimensional essence, it's what heals us, it's what sets us free. May we all pray that humanity remembers its true reason for being in nature as the Guardian of this Earth, so that this race may one day evolve towards the realization that it is one with God and has been designated as the Adam and Eve of the Eden that is Earth, the Garden of Eden that is Earth, to protect it, make it prosper, preserve it as the greatest treasure in this Universe and beyond, with the most gigantic, magnificent and brilliant development of races, animals, plants, insects and birds. All these races are the result of multiple ancient creations and the result of multiple ascended races who gave their genetics to form the different species we have here, including the human race.

This planet has been seeded through multiple cycles and we can still see much of what was created by what we call the Creator Gods, but not the false Annunaki Creator Gods who stole the power to create to use it for their own needs, i.e. to create sub-races of slaves who would be at their service, which is completely contrary to Natural Laws, because Sovereignty is the first rule in the creation of a race. A race can only be created by another race if it is to protect, preserve, develop and flourish for the benefit of all, and in full Sovereignty of all souls. The Annunaki false gods have usurped their power, and are therefore banished from this Universe and from the creative possibilities of their creator when it comes to giving life. That's why they possessed male human bodies in order to inseminate female bodies with their genetics, giving birth to offspring they could call "their" creations. It's like using an angelic race to co-create their demons, their demonic hybrids. And the galactic courts are summoning them in this window of ascension. They are being pushed out of this Reality. They are driven to give up their power, taken by theft, robbed by violence, coercion, the use of force and the violation of others' free will through the manipulation of Consent or the use of slavery and human trafficking.

The Annunaki races, as well as the Draco and Reptilian races, are being called to the bench of the Galactic Tribunals at this very moment. They must answer for their actions or they will be banished forever, for eternity, from this region of the Cosmos, no longer able to feed or enter this realm / this reality, for this is our Emerald Treaty. That's what's happening right now. Multiple galactic and cosmic trials are taking place right now. Let us all pray that humanity awakens to its true galactic nature, becomes the true Guardians and Christ-like beings it truly is, deep within and behind all the wounds and traumas it will first have to heal. Many Starseeds are here to help humanity heal on some level, to heal its DNA, to heal its mind, to heal its heart, to heal its body, to heal its emotions, to heal its soul and spirit. We are entering the cycle of healing, where immense opportunities for complete transformation will flood us daily.

Opportunities for growth, opportunities for healing our deepest traumas, for resurrection and regeneration, in the sense that we can literally produce a re-genesis for ourselves, which is a healing modality and a possibility given as God's miracle, that those bodies associated with a Christ-like consciousness, a well-meaning, heart-based consciousness can do for themselves as an act of self-love and personal responsibility, because when one human being heals oneself, many can follow. Follow the way, follow the example, follow the path.

May we keep in our hearts this vision of a healed humanity and a healed version of ourselves that we will approach more and more each day. To be a representation of what a healed human being is who can walk this Earth without creating intentional damage, wounds, toxicity or negative frequencies that impact this world. May we all heal from our past traumas and deepest wounds caused by others or ourselves, in this or any other lifetime, and may we resurrect completely from the other side of the pain, suffering and misery they bring within us. And understand that not healing and being miserable serves no one, including ourselves. We all have the right to be a vigorous, fulfilled and happy human being. And now is the time for us to claim it before God, because that's God's will too. That we be happy, fulfilled and honest human beings. That we serve the highest good, the highest moral values, and meet our vital needs to be balanced.

May this Newsletter bring you peace within your heart, knowing that God, The Divine, wants us to feel good, not depressed, not sad, because after the pain of realizing the true nature of the World of Forces, we can begin to rebuild our lives in accordance with those principles to which we have reconnected, which are of a divine nature. This is our chance to build a new world full of peace, serenity and love in its true sense. Love is a divine and highly refined angelic frequency that can heal this world and heal ourselves.

May we reconnect with our long-forgotten plants and animal kingdom, and the elements of the Earth, as never before, deepening our connection, being so grateful they're here, protecting us from falling into hell, keeping their original beauty in codes so we can regenerate and learn from them. We are becoming more crystalline in nature, as the Earth welcomes back the true benevolent King and Queen, that is, our true Holy Mother and Holy Father, who will very soon take their place center stage on this planet again, as this is happening right now.

May we never lose hope and faith that all this is true, that all this is indeed happening in the higher realms before we can physically see it with our eyes. The Kingdom of Heaven is here my friends, it's just that it starts with each and every one of us, to welcome it inside us first, before it can descend into this World. So, every day, make sure you hold the Edenic frequencies in your heart, keep them alive and make yourself a vessel for God to be here with us all.

I salute your path towards God and wish you a life full of accomplishments in God's service. I send you many blessings and wishes for peace, serenity and love in all our lives, for we are all in the same boat, and I will speak to you again very soon. »


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