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Lisa Renee - "Take care of bones"

In continuation of the article I published yesterday, A new opportunity for physical transfiguration, today I'm sharing an excerpt from Lisa Renee's newsletter, which I received today, where she talks about taking care of bones.

« The current shift into the next harmonic universe (*), the changing position of the World Soul to Machu Picchu's Ancient Andromedan gateway system, and all the Melchizedek events brought to light this month are bringing on rapid and intense spiritual activations. Many of these solar plasma activations are coming in the form of Ankh codes, dragon codes, rose codes and krystal blood codes that are greatly impacting our core skeletal structure, teeth and skin along with the fascia crystalline matrix.

(*) Note Anabela: We're talking about the HU2, for more information see article The Universal Time Matrix.

The bones in our skeletal system are frequency resonators and are able to conduct frequencies throughout our bodies physical inner matrices. These frequencies may change our blood and bone profile as we undergo spiritual ascension and embody these new incoming frequencies. This can feel strange, such as: the sensation of the hollowing out of the bones, demineralization of bones, deep aching in bones, joints or muscles, inner organs or bones feeling squeezed or crushed under great pressure, an awareness of bone marrow or blood changes in the pelvis, thighs and legs, and sudden or intense unfamiliar physical issues. Don't panic, just get still and conserve your energy, this is a massive solar wave of ascension frequencies. Allow the process to unfold while gently asking what you can do to help your body through the most intense stages of the solar synthesis stages of spiritual activation and integration. Our bone structure is the primary solid crystal in our physical body that acts as the main frequency transducer throughout our bodily matrices. Thus, our bones, joints or certain Yin organs like kidneys, heart, lungs, liver and spleen may suddenly feel they need extra support and can be helped through natural herbal formulations, homeopathics or high nutrient foods intended for remineralization. »

To conclude, in yesterday's article I suggested avoiding dairy products because, besides not being good for the intestinal microbiome, milk also takes calcium from the bones, since it is a fat and, on top of that, acidic. As an alternative, I leave you several foods rich in calcium: Seaweed, barley, chia, chickpeas, rice, spinach, quinoa, cauliflower, walnuts, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, greens, lentils, pears, pineapples, bananas, carrots, millet (aka polenta), sweet potatoes, beans, apples, cabbage, citrus fruits, figs, broccoli, turnips, almonds, hazelnuts, sesame, sunflower seeds, whole grains. For strengthening the kidneys, azuki beans are extremely beneficial, and the water from cooking them also helps prevent urinary tract infections. Tea of horsetail (Equisetum) is very good for remineralizing the kidneys, and you can also add cherry stalks and corn silk to alkalize the urine and help the kidneys detoxify.

Blessings and Profound Peace to all,



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