Meditation of the Violet Flame for peace in the world and especially in the Israeli-Palestinian zone

Dear friends,

Tomorrow May 15 there will be worldwide manifestations for freedom. It is very important that manifestations are done with a pure intention of the right to live and freedom, and not with feelings of revolt and hate. Otherwise they will only serve to feed the Dark Forces, and these forces are being sieged as we move forward in the Ascension Timelines. They are the ones behind the increase in violence in the Israeli-Palestinian zone, especially in the Gaza Strip.

Therefore, the Light Forces call upon all those who feel it in their hearts to do the Violet Flame Meditation tomorrow, throughout the day, visualizing the planet, and especially the Israeli-Palestinian area, enveloped in the powerful and loving energies of this transmuting flame. This meditation can be done daily, in no way interferes with free will, and is a powerful tool to support Ascension. And so it is!

For an example of this meditation, see this link:

Share with your contacts, the more we are meditating, the greater this transmuting force will become. Because yes, We Are ONE!

With Gratitude, Love, and Light,