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Natalia Alba - "Ascension update on the 2/2 portal"

Dear friends, today I am sharing Natalia Alba's article (of 28-01-2023), with information about the 2/2 portal and the Ascension process. PS: I've added a personal note in violet. Blessings, Anabela.

« Beloved Ones,

As we continue stepping into the 2/2 portal, the energies will have a great impact on our emotional body, for we are already crossing the threshold to a more illumined dimension, in which any lower frequency that we still carry, cannot coexist with where we are heading. Therefore the dissolution of lower and old feelings, energies, and other past soul memories, as we cross this portal, is pivotal, at this time. Everything that we have not brought to the surface and embraced, will create a lot of suffering, as the body is not able to release the emotional baggage and lower frequencies that still remain in our hearts.

Crying, letting go in our unique way, without forgetting how important it is not to lose ourselves in the process, and taking care of ourselves, is of great importance, for we need to remove all lower emotions that are stuck in our emotional body before we can continue expanding within our new timeline.

This is a time for us to work on integration, through soul retrieval, as it is only when we reunite what was fragmented inside is that we can begin to embrace the joy that lies in our hearts, and that is our natural state of being.

During this process treat yourself with the utmost respect, compassion, and unconditional love, as programs such as guilt, blame, and other similar ones will only keep you in a low frequency. Forgiveness, a higher understanding of where you have been and where you are now, for you are not the same person, and the techniques that you feel guided to work with, will be the key to helping you pass from a lower state of being to a more illumined and joyful one.

To support us in polarity synthesis, today we have Venus entering into Pisces. The Planet of Love, in Intuitive and Romantic Pisces, will help us work on self-love, which is the first step towards integration, as well as in having confidence for us to see ourselves as sovereign beings, embracing our authentic power and true nature.

For the ones who have already mastered this initial step, they can go further and begin the integration work with their partners, as Venus in Pisces make our soul reunions a space for us to master illumined and balanced relationships, based on equality, as both beings are now in perfect balance themselves, and are now ready to create something that will benefit All.

This energy is introducing us to the 2/2 portal, which is going to be a great source of love and support for those who are opening their shoulder portals (*), as well as unifying their 12D template, for unity shall be created in all levels of ourselves, not just inwardly, and the portals of our bodies that are precisely connected to the feminine and the masculine essences, are going to experience a massive shift, during this 2/2 portal.

(*) Note Anabela: She refers to the 6D and 7D portals we have in our shoulder blades, through which we download information from higher planes. These are the «Angel Wings» that we are retrieving. The top of the right shoulder blade (male side of our body) is connected to the 6D. The upper left shoulder blade (feminine side of our body) is connected to the 7D. When they are fully activated, they will allow the Fusion with our Twin Flame, at the soul level, which represents the 1st phase of the Hierogamic Union.

Duality, judgments, and everything that creates separation shall be removed from our mental and emotional bodies, first, otherwise, this separation will manifest in our physical bodies, creating more pain, disease, or in any other form that this energy will choose to manifest into the body.

It is also a very creative time, as we will feel more sensitive and with the need to connect with Universal Love, embodying and anchoring this infinite loving essence within, and on our planet, for we too are here on a global mission to be of assistance, bringing more healing and restoration to Earth.

Our global mission is never separated from our personal one of conscious evolution and personal healing, for it is precisely through self-healing that we too help All.

We now need to be more united than ever, in this planetary transition, activating our light bodies and embracing higher truths, to be able to anchor more light in both our bodies and Planet Earth.

I wish you a loving embodiment, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba. »



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