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Natalia Alba - "The 12/12 Portal - Activating our Light Bodies & 12D Template"

Dear friends, today I am sharing Natalia Alba's article (of 09-12-2022), information about the 12/12 portal and the Ascension process. PS: I added some of my notes in violet. Blessings, Anabela.

« Beloved Ones,

In a few days the unifying energies that surround us since Gemini's portal, will reach its peak with the 12/12 gateway. A number that also involves the restoration of the masculine and feminine, as both aspects of us remain in constant harmony, creating what we know as the light body or Merkabah. During this portal, the ones working with polarity integration would benefit from these codes, as they are going to assist them in repairing the masculine and female principles in their templates, as well as genetically, clearing eons of domination and other distortions.

We are at a time when many of us are working hard to rehabilitate and reconnect our DNA. Guides invite us to align with this portal to begin healing and reprogramming our 12D template, for as I always say, not only the physical aspects are important, but also the 12 ones that remain in the non-physical planes, and that is an equal part of us.

The crystal that Guides invite us to co-create with, during this portal, is Seraphinite (*), as the one that will help us in activating our light bodies, especially our shoulder wings portals, as well as open our crown chakra and help us align with the 12 dimensions.

(*) Note Anabela: Seraphinite is an excellent healing stone on all levels and has a high vibration. Always remember to clean/energize the crystal previously (you can use Selenite) and, after use, clean and energize the crystal again. As the name indicates, Seraphinite works with the energy of the Seraphim.

The 12/12 portal is a source of important Diamond Codes to restore our template's spheres - the so-called Tree of Life, which I personally prefer to call the 12D template. When we begin moving into ascension mechanics, this is how we heal and rehabilitate our DNA and light body, by going into the original programming that commands our entire body, genetically, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This is a very important gateway, to support us in our inner task of building the light body, which shall be done in unison with our template, for the frequencies of this portal, comes from outside of our current time zone, from the non-physical 12D worlds, where universal time beings, for these are the only light codes that can truly trigger a significant shift in our template.

This is a unique opportunity for us to step out of our time zone, reach higher levels of awareness, and re-connect with our Divine Consciousness, with our 12D Avatar, or God Self, by restoring our connection through our 12 DNA layer, the one that is connected with the 12th dimension, and hence, with the Highest Aspect of who we are.

Even if we are not yet there, ready to restore our 12D DNA layer, we can always begin to activate some layers within it, for we can always re-align with our Illumined Self, even if we need to continue first restoring some aspects of ourselves and our physical bodies.

Guides invite us to call upon the 12th dimensional White Ray (*) to be able to be assisted into this inner work of realignment. Remember to also protect yourself in the 12 dimensions in which you dwell, calling your Guides team to help you in this meditation/activation.

(*) Note Anabela: One of the techniques to invoke this White Ray, is the 12D Avatar Shield of platinum white liquid light, to which I suggest always adding the Violet Flame to disintegrate any anti-ascension artificial signals, as described here.

As you connect with the 12D Ray and its pure Divine Frequencies, you too will be consciously integrating them into your light vehicle, activating and infusing it with more 12D particles so it can expand, protect us and help us in being connected to who we truly are.

As we work with our 12D template and light body, we too are embodying more awareness, light, personal power. guidance, and information, for our personal path and into our being. These daily practices, especially when we are receiving massive codes to support us in this personal inner work, is what give us the opportunity to create a significant shift in our light vehicles.

The 12 dimensions are pure and illumined planes of existence, which we can only align with them if we hold the proper inner frequency to be able to be admitted into these non-physical worlds. Practicing, gratitude, joy, non-judgment, and hence, neutrality, benevolence, and unconditional love, will help us align to this dimension, for it is made of the same God's attributes.

We are being assisted to regain our original blueprint and personal power, for the first time in our human history, for we are now prepared to take this leap in consciousness.

However, we are the ones with the power, through our inner work and devotion, to be able to anchor this shift in ourselves. We just have to have the will, and the daily commitment, to reclaim our sovereignty and continue clearing false layers, and beliefs, from our human selves.

I wish you All a wonderful activation portal, Beloved Ones.

Whtin Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba. »

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