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"Planetary Change of Guard"

Hi. For a greater awareness of the current planetary changes, this time I share an excerpt from the book "The Primordial Fire" by Andres Rios. Blessings, Anabela.

« A Logos is a Regent Consciousness, creator of a certain sphere, be it planetary, solar, or galactic. It is from the Logos that all Life is manifested in function of the archetypes necessary for the cycles of expression of that same sphere. We can say that the Logos is to the planet, to a star or to a galaxy, what the Spirit is to the personality. The Logos life encompasses the evolution of innumerable spheres of consciousness. Its body of manifestation may be a planet, a solar system or a galaxy. The manifested Cosmos is the body of expression of a great Life, a Cosmic Logos.

This "change of guard" implies a certain period of "crisis" for the planet, reflected in humanity as a deconstruction in all its aspects, both external and internal.

The new is about to emerge: the transmutation of the Planetary Logos. This transmutation will make possible the descent of powerful currents of Life that will allow the reorganization-actualization of evolution in the whole planetary sphere, replacing Laws and making possible the entrance of a "new pattern" that will be the standard that will lead this civilization.

This will make possible an energetic attunement on the planet as a whole. This requires the cooperation of Cosmic Fires and beings from immaterial universes to assist the planet in this time of "change of guard".

Arcangelic Fire is a powerful ally and helper in this energetic substitution, because never before have Arcangelic Fires been so available to assist the evolution of this planet. The assistance of these Celestial Fires and the substitution of the Planetary Logos signal that humanity and all its kingdoms are about to cross a great portal toward the encounter with the Primordial Source. The Prince of Light and Wisdom [Archangel Gabriel], the Voice of Silence, is the herald of this New Dawn. The Cosmos and a whole host of magnificent Celestial and Avataric Consciousnesses are accompanying the replacement of the Planetary Logos. [...]

The replacement of the Planetary Logos, as it is occurring at this moment of planetary tension, is not something common at this evolutionary stage of the planet. Its replacement obeys the Law of Cycles and is a special measure taken by high Consciences that rule worlds and universes, to bring all manifested life to its subtilization on the outer planes. In this grand ceremony, all Planetary Centers unite in supreme collaboration.

On its innermost planes, the replacement or transmutation of the Planetary Logos has already taken place. This is a ceremonial that was already in action several cycles ago. The current transformations that are taking place all over the planet are the symptoms of the realization of this ceremonial in the planetary substance. The new Planetary Logos, which will be installed as its new Regent, will lead the Earth to its final sacralization, to its consummation.

This "change of guard" implies a whole revelation of a new pattern of life, revelations that the Planetary Centers today are delivering to us through their Hierarchies.

For the planet and its humanity, this "change of guard" implies a profound and great transformation. On the external planes: the apparent chaos will increase, confusion will be the distinctive note of these times. Detachment, simplicity and silence will be the supporting columns. [...] »

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