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Planetary situation update by Lisa Renee

Dear friends, today I am sharing excerpts from Lisa Renee's newsletter of 18-03-2023, entitled "Sapphire Diamond Shield". Because it is complex, I have extracted only the parts containing important information and warnings about the current planetary situation, so that everyone can stay in their center amidst the chaos. As always, use your Heart-Mind discernment and protect yourself well, whether mentally, emotionally, physically, or energetically. PS: I've added some of my own notes in violet. Blessings, Anabela.

« [...] Sapphire Activation and Heavy Detox Symptoms

For the activated Blue Flame lineages (1), the intensity of blue body multidimensional corrections and the building out of the corrected 10Dsapphire body configurations quickly advanced into accelerated heavy purging of all that is related to the anti-female architecture of satanic-lunar forces (2). For many this comes with total exhaustion, brain fog, feeling spaced out, discombobulated and disoriented when unable to think or function normally, aches and pains in back, hips and legs, along with an assortment of physical detoxification symptoms or ascension kundalini (3) flu.

Notes Anabela:

(1) These lineages refer to the Starseeds (they can be Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, of the Blue Ray (Melchizedeks), of the Emerald Order (legions of Mary and Christ Michael), Grid Workers, etc). Feel your connection, which resonates with your Sacred Heart! :)

(2) I remind you that the Sacred Feminine is Solar, not Lunar. The Lunar forces are from the CAI and NAA - Negative Alien Agenda. The CAI is sometimes called the Black Mother. The Divine Mother is the Crystalline Mother.

(3) Attention! If one experiences the visualization of a Serpent Being around him/her, it is not Kundalini, but reptilian astral entities who wish to impede the evolution of the human being. In this case, use high protection tools and send the entities out of your energy space!

[...] Thus, Starseeds and the Keepers of the Crystal Core may have undergone deep emotional processing and detox purging related to the historical destruction of the planetary crystal matrix from the subsequent alien invasion and infiltration into the crystal caverns, where they hijacked powerful crystals to weaponize against the angelic human race. The memory sensations are of being tracked and hunted down, feeling the extreme hatred and misogyny directed to the divine mother sophianic principle and her sexual organs, and the waves of grief and sadness from these particular events of the solar female holocaust, along with the destruction of the sapphire body (4). The harrowing events of evictions, clearing the residue and remains, and observing the horrible histories have finally led to this moment of embodying our correct 10D sapphire flame body.

(4) Note Anabela: The sapphire body is a body of ours from 10D that is currently in the process of regeneration. For more information, read article: Christic Founder Races

[...] This is the reclamation of Emerald Order and a Christos Mission family effort, and through sleep state or in meditation many of us have found ourselves in the company of a group of women in the crystal caverns and tunnel systems, working to reweave solar female frequencies into large crystals. Some of us are being called to consciously connect to the natural kingdoms in which the devic intelligence group of assorted species are contacting us, sharing concerns about energy blockages in the field or communicating with us telepathically through assorted higher sensory mediums.

[...] Mastering Self Discipline in the Chaos

These are tumultuous times in which we are currently living and co-existing with great forces of dark spiritual opposition exerting tremendous pressure upon truth seekers, those awakening and those consciously devoted to serve the Christos Mission. The war over consciousness has accelerated into theatrical absurdity where all corruption is being exposed for those with eyes to see, as the final battle between the archetypal forces of good versus evil takes place. There are no individuals that remain unaffected, as a segment of the asleep and unaware population is rapidly descending into the mass confusion generated by the downward spirals of colossal corruption, lies and depravity.

[...] In this chaotic terrain, especially for the intuitive empath and spiritually directed, we must learn how to efficiently protect ourselves from the collective unconsciousness streams of mass chaos, confusion, dark ignorance, and black magic as well as others attempts at bullying and intimidation tactics. When people are unprincipled, fearful and desperate, they are more prone to control oriented tantrums in which they are dishonest and corrupt, because they want what they want and do not consider the harm they cause. Thus, a spiritually disconnected person run by their negative ego and pain body wounding will easily digress into further negative patterns of soul corruption and spiritual bankruptcy. These negative attributes are spiritually abusive behaviors that result in mental fracturing and narcissistic behaviors, along with attracting a bevy of negative entity attachments that siphon energy loosh from their host.

[...] In the center of this mass chaos, it becomes a necessity to have a clear intention for building a spiritual tool kit and a developed light shielding, for achieving neutral energy balance with the inner masculine and inner feminine principles. Energy balance between the masculine and feminine principle functions naturally to repel and reject dark attacks and assorted layers of aggression that may be targeting our multidimensional energy body and mind matrices, with various forms of psychic attack, disease implants or mind control.

[...] The utmost challenge for those on the spiritually ascending path to higher consciousness states is to have the inner discipline and impulse control to not immediately react with negative emotions. Or to refrain from negatively responding to others that will tend to use you as the convenient whipping post to blame for their perceived troubles or victimhood.

[...] The shadow self of the negative ego likes to blame, make false accusations, severely judge others and project emotionally damaging behaviors upon others around them, asserting their sob story and personal problems upon other people. Essentially to frame it as if it is your fault or responsibility. It is not your responsibility to solve others' problems for them. These situations are generally manipulated by negative entities using that traumatized person, to target spiritually developing persons in order to tempt them to engage with the emotional baithook, or to illicit a negative reaction which will generate an auric field vulnerability. [...] When this is successful, the weakness is used as a dark portal to further aggressively attack the individual's field by letting in attaching dark entities such as demonic spirits. This is why it is said that our point of power will always be in our ability to remain neutral. A spiritually developed person that has consciously participated with shadow clearing, negative ego healing and inner male and inner female harmonization, has cultivated a modicum of self-responsibility and self-discipline that has effectively reached some level of energetic balance. Energetic balance, as the state of inner to outer coherence, functions as the supreme protection from all kinds of outer aggressions and harmful influences, which include the capability to repel AI targeting and neutralize electronic harassment.

[...] The 12D shield (5) practice is exactly for serving this purpose, among many other tools to support the spiritual strength of the personal lightbody and consciousness when interacting with lower frequencies, driven by negative ego or an assortment of entities to repel their impacts and influences out of one's energy field.

(5) Note Anabela: I remind you that the daily use of the 12D shield and the Violet Flame help immensely in this protection and even help to feel/see/reveal negative energies that were previously hidden.

Let it be fully understood that if an individual is spiritually oriented and committed towards living in authentic harmony and balance within the self and acts in accordance with these same Law of One principles towards respecting the natural creation of the Universe, then there is no evil power that can take control over your mind, soul or spirit. There is enormous protection in our alignment with Godness and Goodness, to deflect dark opposition, entity or black magic harassment. If you are greatly struggling now, the main spiritual job you have is to unconditionally love yourself and get your mind under your inner spirit's direct control, while making the effort to stop allowing negative impulses and personal fears from driving you into destructive behaviors, no matter who is doing what.

Boomerang Effect of Rebounding Black Magic

The forces of evil power used by black magicians and NAA entities for the purpose of sending harm or to even kill the targeted individual that is energetically coherent and actually capable of holding neutral zero-point, will result in the magnified energetic backlash of those same intentions and they will be subjected to the consequences of their own harmful actions.

[...] The Boomerang Effect of rebounding black magic from any source, whether AI or from incantation of satanic ritual, will be exceptionally magnified from this year and moving forward. This means there is great self-harm and even death to those who dabble in black magic and use satanic ritual with intention to harm others, and the gullible individual must understand the extremely destructive nature of this anti-Christ ideology. Adults who dabble in these satanic practices can have a rebound effect which kills them, their loved ones or their children, and this is the consequence of their own ignorant actions, this is not God's fault.

[...] People with little to no negative ego clearing experience, or are uninterested in shadow work and refuse to take self-responsibility, tend to be the easiest to implant with an assortment of black magic infused AI generated holograms.

[...] Please remember that the more committed you are to align to the forces of goodness and remain neutral in the face of spiritual warfare and psychic attacking, the power of the black magician and controllers is radically diminished. Know that the NAA and controllers are using every weapon in their arsenal to demoralize and break our hearts, and that many black magicians who attack spiritually committed individuals that are working on achieving neutrality, can and will harm themselves or expire due to the consequences of their own actions. This is not our fault. We are not responsible for the consequences of others actions.

[...] Guidelines to Protect from Boomerang Effect

It is wise to understand that many neophytes and lightworkers who accuse others around them of psychic attack, that the majority of the time this event may be real but is not a dark attack sourcing from that other person, but sourcing from one's own internal uncleared shadow selves and negative ego behaviors. The boomerang effect is the reality of cause and effect magnified by black magic. When someone's own negative ego is being projected onto others around them, along with sending negative angry thoughts of false accusations, this can and will be returned as an amplification of dark slimy energy or psychic attack sensation.

[...] To ensure that you are not psychically attacked by your own unchecked spiritually abusive behaviors that are generated from blind spots of the undisciplined negative ego and pain body, the following guidelines will spiritually protect you from such negative attacks caused by boomerang effects:

1. Choose harmlessness towards others as a spiritually principled lifestyle and personal value system. This guideline is the Golden Rule and stands alone in its supreme importance in providing energetic protection that neutralizes all levels of black magic, psychic attack, and even AI machinery and electromagnetic weapons directed towards you.

2. Hold loving and neutral thoughts on behalf of all people, even those that have harmed you, or consider you their enemy and accuse you falsely. Disconnect from their ego-personality, as you are not required to like them. When it is possible through forgiveness and from a safe distance, sincerely wish them the benevolence to grow their soul and spirit, as God wills it to be.

3. Refrain from writing words and messages that intend harm to be directed to another person. Be careful with your words directed to others. Instead say nothing or express communications with neutrality and compassion for their soul.

4. Do not place blame upon others for perceived problems, especially using transference to those people you do not know and have never met. Instead, make the commitment to take responsibility for your emotional feelings and find ways to heal emotional conflicts and troubled emotions from the past.

5. Be careful to avoid the consensus bandwagon that condemns others. Do not succumb to group pressure, and thus do not speak or act negatively towards another person the in-group has deemed deplorable. If you must speak, speak the facts truthfully from your direct experience, even if it is unflattering, but avoid exaggeration or embellishment of negativity.

6. Remember that intentions and thoughts are things, thus, angry and cruel words can act as black magic hexes and spells directed towards others. Simultaneously, common words that describe factual reality with benevolent intentions are not energetically harmful. Thus, we are not responsible for other people's emotional reactions or opinions when stating factual events or honest lived experiences.

7. Have some self-control in order to self-regulate difficult emotions, so that you do not direct the negative content to others. If you have a hot temper or feel morally wronged and angry, refrain from letting off steam by yelling and venting with others around you. This is especially important around babies and children. Instead, if there is the need to use physical activity or shout angry words or hit into a punching bag to release mental frustration and emotional pressure, find a place to do this angry release in solitude away from other people and pets. They can take on your anger release and this charged negative content can make them sick with disease.

As an adult, we must take responsibility for our behaviors and learn to discern truth. As always, take what resonates and discard the rest.

Dearest Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father, may you swiftly reclaim all that is truly yours in this creation as the organic living light consciousness you originally intended, as one heart, one love and for all in unity. We love you with all of our sacred crystal hearts.

Peace be with your heart. Peace be with your mind. Peace be with your body. May all be with the Unconditional Love and Perfect Peace held in the eternal light of God and Christ.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF - God Sovereign Free!

With a Loving heart, Lisa. »

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