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Solarized Water and Crystal Elixirs

Hello, today I will share a tip to help cleanse our energy and body, as well as to reprogram the DNA in a crystalline way: solarized water (with or without crystals)! When solarized water contains crystals, it is called Crystal Elixir.

To deprogram dense energies from our cells and DNA, the ideal is to solarize water in a blue (unpainted) glass container with or without crystals. Plastic should never be used, because plastic releases toxic substances in the sun!

For example, in my case, I have a blue glass bottle with a tumbled citrine, because my digestive system is going through a deep cleansing (of the memories in it) and the citrine is excellent for helping the process. :)

Attention that not all crystals can go directly into water as some can dissolve and others are toxic! Stones with sulfur, iron, copper, lead, and aluminum should never go into water! The safest are Silicon Dioxide crystals (preferably tumbled, not rough, so there is no danger of chunking), such as quartz, agate, chalcedony, and aventurine.

For example, in my case I also have a glass jar with: quartz crystal, rose quartz, amethyst and a tumbled shungite (this one is not a quartz, but is an excellent purifying stone for tap water and also for the body). ;)

The crystals need to be cleaned before making the elixir! You can clean them with Selenite or, in the case of Silicon Dioxide crystals, you can use salt water and leave them in overnight. The next morning, throw away the salt water, wash the crystals under running water, and then place them in the container in the sun to make the elixir (a minimum of 3 hours). Then use your intuition to know how much elixir you can drink each day.

NOTE: If we make an elixir with a specific intention, only we can drink that water!

Restrictions on the use of elixirs:

  • Physical diseases: use with great care in all cases of serious illness, particularly concerning the heart and circulation, cancer, nervous problems, and serious infections

  • Mental illness: there is a danger of using crystal elixirs with very intense effects on a fragile mind. For example, amethyst should not be used on people with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, autism, and paranoia!

  • Pregnancy: the following can be used: chalcedony, peach agate, carnelian, citrine, moonstone, rose quartz, pink tourmaline, but with great caution. The amount of elixir ingested should be reduced. Feel how much!

Examples of forbidden crystals:

  • Abalone, Amber, Ammolite, Coral (these are «non-crystals» that can cause severe disturbances in the person)

  • Adamite, Anabergite, Proustite, Realgar, Roselite, Valentinite contain arsenic

  • Auralite 23, Super 7 have variable composition, so they may contain toxic elements in their composition

  • Bornite, Calcantite, Sulfur, Quartz with Sulfur contain sulfur

  • Cobaltocalcite contains cobalt

  • Crocoite, Galena, Pyromorphite contain lead

  • Obsidian (because it absorbs too much it can cause serious disturbances in the person)

  • Vanadinite contains vanadium and lead

In case of doubts or fears about using crystals, you can simply solarize water (even if it is from the tap!) ;)

The crystalline reprogrammings that are coming with the ascension energies require good hydration so that the body can more easily rid itself of toxins. But remember that all these are complements to an inner spiritual work that the Being itself must do daily if it wishes to ascend. And so it is!

Take good care of yourselves... with Gratitude, Love and Light, :)


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