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Stars are filaments of Light that illuminate the path of the Avatar

Another pearl of wisdom from the book « AVATAR - The Pure Energy of Love » by author Carlos Campos [CC] and his conversations with God/Energy/Friends [GEF]. Blessings, Anabela.

« "For your star to shine, you don't need to extinguish mine."

[CC] - Friends, are we stars of shining light when we understand what brought us to this temporary space?

[GEF] - Yes, but I have seen many people try to dim the brightness of their journey brother's star, just because one thinks that it is the only one that should shine, maybe one even thinks that is a gifted one, one of the chosen ones! As I have said many times before, there are no chosen ones, everyone has the right to his or her own bright shining star, the one given to you where there is no space and time. When you understand Love, you will no longer be interested in your star being brighter than your brother's, because you understand that you don't need to dim one for the other to shine.

[CC] - A president of a great country, in the land of men, was once asked why he was so successful in his administration. He answered: "Because behind me I have a star brighter than mine, my wife. She's the one who makes mine exalted, without being concerned about hers."

[GEF] - Carlos, when that is the case, your star becomes brighter, leaving a shining trail of Light and Love along the way. All stars on man's path have their own light.

[CC] - Lucia leaves that trail of energy and Love in her path.

[GEF] - Yes, she is your star of shining light.

The Gardens of Wisdom reveal: "Stars are filaments of Light that illuminate the path of the Avatar." »



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