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Summer Solstice Movements (Appeal to the population)!

Dear friends, we are approaching the Summer Solstice. Depending on the time zone, in some countries will be on June 20th and others on June 21st (the case of Portugal).

This Solstice is a very important milestone in the planetary, solar system and galaxy ascension. Powerful divine energies are flowing from the Cosmic Central Sun, into our Sun, and affecting all the surrounding electromagnetism, both of Earth and the beings that inhabit it, and of the other planets in the solar system. Major upheavals are expected at all levels that will obviously affect all of our DNA. At the same time that these powerful ascension forces are converging, the opposing involutive forces are carrying out operations (either physically or astrally) to try to negatively affect the magnetosphere of the planet as well as its inhabitants. Nothing can stop the planetary ascension, but the desperation of these involutive forces can still do some damage.

Therefore, the Light Forces appeal to all beings (who feel the call) to, throughout the days of June 19, 20 and 21, stay more centered in yourselves, meditate, protect yourselves and your homes very well with the Violet Flame and/or other tools of protection and cleansing that you feel. On June 20 and 21, at noon (local time), reinforce this with a Meditation with the Violet Flame. Start by visualizing it first in yourselves, then in your homes, localities, countries, planet and our entire Solar System. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!!! :)

For information, the Violet Flame is very effective against A.I. signals, and negative electromagnetism and radiations. ;)

This link has an example of Meditation with the Violet Flame:

Share with your contacts, the more we meditate, the greater this transmuting force will become. Because yes, we are ONE!

With Gratitude, Love and Light,



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