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The learnings of the ego (personality): Dharma or Karma?

Essentially, the learnings of the ego can be seen in two forms: Dharma (when there is acceptance and surrender and everything flows in an abundant way), or Karma (when there is non-acceptance and resistance and we only see obstacles). In reality, Dharma and Karma have nothing to do with reincarnations, but rather with how the consciousness that exists in electrons is used, whether in this life or in others, whether past/parallel/future (because they all exist simultaneously, in space-time realities of our multidimensional consciousness that are quantumatically intertwined).

When the experience is made with the 3 levels - rational (logical), emotional (moral) and spiritual (devotion) - in a high and balanced way, the personality is living in harmony with its inner guidance (the mind of God that exists in the sacred heart) and, consequently, with the All. We can thus say that it is living in Dharma.

Analogously, when the personality is not living with the 3 levels in a high and balanced way, internal conflict arises, the resistance to surrender to the mind of God that exists in its sacred heart. Therefore, the personality is unable to live in harmony with itself and, consequently, with the All, thus generating Karma.

When there is a tendency to repeat Karma in certain situations, it generates what we call Repetitive Patterns. Conscious Repetitive Patterns are easily identified by the conscious mind, but what about unconscious Repetitive Patterns? The conscious mind often wants to move forward, but the blockages at the unconscious level are still there to be solved and healed, thus generating that internal conflict. These blockages may be retained in "hidden boxes" in the mind, consciousness, or in the akashic records of the soul and even the cells of the body; whether from this life or others.

And how can these blockages manifest themselves here in the reality that the conscious mind knows?

They can manifest themselves through: a) congenital or somatized illnesses; b) recurring dreams; c) fears, phobias, attachments, addictions; d) automatic reactions of the body or even the personality to certain situations; e) thoughts, emotions, judgments that arise spontaneously. As far as these last three are concerned, we generally tend to neglect them by saying « Oh, but I'm not this, why do I still think, feel or say this? Why do I still react like this? ». These are such unconscious Repetitive Patterns that we really need to address introspectively, meditating, or seeking therapeutic help (when we realize that, by ourselves, we are not able to resolve them). Knowing how to ask for help is an act of humility, self-love, surrender, courage, and faith. After that, accepting the existence of the patterns and integrating them are the fundamental steps to healing. When we reject them (mostly out of pride, fear, stubbornness, guilt), the patterns remain. WHAT RESISTS, PERSISTS!

In identifying the origin of such Repetitive Patterns (whether done through the person's own channel, or through a therapist's channel), we can find programming passed by our family, ancestry, society, collective, programming from our own involutive experiences, projections from obsessive entities, implants or even holographic insertions placed in our mind, soul, consciousness, body by involutive beings (whether organic or inorganic). As long as there are disturbances in the mind, as long as the mind does not feel peace, it is a sign that these patterns still exist! It takes discipline, commitment and dedication in our inner work, to bet on our organic evolution through the heart and free ourselves from these chains to be truly spiritually free. And this is where we find the beauty of the process, because when we free ourselves from these Repetitive Patterns, their transformation is not only done in us, but also in our ancestry, society, collective and even in other lives going on (past/parallel/future). EACH ONE OF US IS IMPORTANT!

Finally, I just wanted to say that there is no punishment on our involutive experiences, that is just a belief! However, everything we think, speak, and do are seeds that we cast into the ground and that we will inevitably have to harvest one day (in this life or in another). What matters is the quality of the seeds (that quality of consciousness that exists in the electrons). And the good news is that they are all transmutable!!! :D

So let's transform our negative seeds into positive seeds, to change our harvest. The 1st step is love, forgiveness, and compassion for ourselves. And so it is!

With Gratitude, Love, and Light,

Anabela Silva

PS: For those who want to know more about dimensions, reality, consciousness, quantum entanglement, altering the past, the power of meditation, mental and emotional addictions, etc., I suggest watching the documentary-film on quantum physics, of 2005, « What the bleep do we know? » (in English with Portuguese subtitles). This 02h20m documentary explains in a simple way some of these questions, supported by facts obtained from scientific experiments. Here goes the link:

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