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Vital Frosi – "The professions and the New Earth"

Dear friends, today I'm sharing Vital Frosi's message. I added some notes in violet. Love and light, Anabela Silva.

« Beloved ones!

Many are concerned about their professions and their businesses in these changing times surrounding the Planetary Transition. Yes, it is natural that some concern arises, for all that has been learned so far has been limited and based in a Third Dimensional World. At the same time, Earth humanity has also been learning within a World of Expiations and Tests.

Earth's Transition is an event so grand that it involves the entire Galaxy. As it has been made clear here before, it would make this transition even if humanity did not exist on its surface. In fact, the spirits incarnated on Earth are also coming to the end of a Great Cycle. They have now finished the experience of Tests and Expiations to which they have been subjected for all the times since they came to this Planet, and a New Stage of learning is beginning, that is, a World of Regeneration.

The New Earth will no longer be a shadow of the Old Earth. All the energy that makes up the Planet, will have much higher vibrations, bringing a new type of planetary life. The DNA of humans will go from 2 to 12 strands, and will become GNA *. Animals, vegetables, water, air, in short, everything will have photonic energy as its composition, which is nothing more than an intense crystalline Light. The LIGHT will be the energetic base of the New Earth.

* Note: GNA (Glycol Nucleic Acid) refers to the new genetic code of the New Human. For more information, read the following article (it is in portuguese):

Everything that humanity has known so far will be modified, adapted, or extinguished. This is why we say that all Systems will go through a reset. All Systems will then be rebooted under a new platform, totally new and different from the old one.


The group of humanity's dominators is leaving the Planet forever! The time has come for the liberation of humanity from Earth, and the proof of all this was presented to us in these last few weeks, when the Galactic Confederation decreed Earth as its New Member.

You need to understand that people who still take pleasure in evil will not all leave Earth in the same instant. There is a process that needs to be fulfilled and that follows the determinations from the High. But the cleansing and sweeping will now intensify on the physical plane. Everything speeds up when the end is near. Those who are ready for their ascension will now feel that the changes do indeed follow an accelerated pace.

The Age of the Material Man is over. The Era of the Spiritual Man begins. The Age of Having is over, and now the Age of Being is emerging. The time for competition is over, giving way to the time for cooperation. The time of work and struggle for survival for the majority, for the benefit of the few who have controlled them for millennia, is over.

We have now entered the Golden Age, where prosperity and abundance will be for all, for the Earth is a feminine consciousness, Mother, and Gaia will leave no child unattended. The time of the suppression of the feminine is over. All of Earth's children will finally have their mother's lap.

It is certain that much of humanity is ready to make its ascension now. The new energies make everything easier, and the Light will show the way. Every human consciousness now has that opportunity. Even if most don't do it yet, never before has there been such an opportunity. The Light opens and enlarges human consciousnesses now.

The veils begin to be lifted and the vision of the NEW is impressive!

The horizon is no longer the same at each dawn!

Don't get attached to what was before!

Be ready for the NEW!

In times of change, nothing stays in place. If it didn't, it wouldn't be change. Accept this and let yourself go with the wave and flow of what arrives and what is to come! Navigate to the higher layers of your consciousness! Allow yourself! Even when you cannot understand a fact or a situation, at least think about the possibility that you are receiving a new opportunity or a new path.

Nothing will ever be the same again! Even if some things will be adapted to the New, the change will be impactful. The professions will be the ones that must feel most the wave of change. Those that will remain must still be adapted to what is coming. New activities will emerge and many will disappear. And so it will be in all segments, even in politics, in teaching, in science, in the Financial and Religious Systems, etc.

After this period, which will not last long, a new humanity will be occupying this Planet that was created to be the Garden of Eden. The Divine Plans will now be fulfilled in this new planetary phase. A world of peace, prosperity, justice and abundance for all. Work will be a leisure and no longer an obligation or need for survival.

Every human being on the New Earth will have an innate aptitude. Everyone will do what they really love to do. This will be the fun of the new human. Cooperation will replace competition. The new human will form one big Planetary family. This family will be in harmony with the other galactic families. Everyone will recognize each other as soul brothers and sisters, for all originate from the same Source.

On the New Earth, the consciousness that was previously limited to 1 or 2%, will expand and reach up to 79%. This expansion of consciousness will allow the new human to reach the Higher Dimensions, being able to ascend to 6D, 7D, 8D and 9D. And in a future that we do not know how to measure, there will be another ascension that will allow reaching 12D, when the human will no longer have a physical form and his body will only be a form of Light. Physicality ceases to exist above 12D *.

* Note: The 12D is a dimension of pre-matter liquid light. It is the entry point of densification of matter.

The present moment on Earth is so important that it attracts the eyes of all beings in this Galaxy. We will soon have great events that will determine the most profound changes, especially in human consciousness. There will be a need for understanding, because it will demand radical adaptations and changes in the activities, actions, way of thinking and acting of each one. Many will need support, comfort, and guidance. Be prepared, for you are not here for nothing. You came on a mission for this current incarnation. You came to help in this Planetary Transition. Even if you don't know it, you have within you a unique and adequate knowledge for the function you came for. Do not ask me what that function is, for I do not know. It is you who will know, because when the time is right, everything will magically emerge.

Be ready! The Creator will call the one who is available at the time needed. Be available! At least believe that you can be useful. You don't have to change your profession for the sake of it. Everything will follow naturally, and at the right time the change will occur. Don't resist! Don't think that you are outside this show, because you have been prepared to be part of it.

Many of you are available, with time on your hands to be useful, and you are anxious for this time to come soon. And you wonder: what to do? I wonder what my mission is, and the days go by, and I do nothing. So, I leave here a piece of advice: if you want to help, there is plenty of work waiting for you. Never as now, people are distressed, desperate, insecure and depressed. All of you who follow me also have your social networks. Give up a little bit of old habits and try to look with a new purpose at each thing and each person in these networks.

Ask how the other person is doing. Or see when someone is unwell, because many post their fears, their worries, and their problems. You don't have to solve the other person's problem, because you can't always do that. But you can do so much more! Make yourself available to listen to the other. Without interests or pride, just listen! And if some pure and honest intuition comes to you, say something, because most of the time they just need a word or a good ear to listen. Be the tool that serves others! You can do it! You are ready for it. You are here for it!

You are very important, that is why you are incarnated here and now!

Get to work! The work awaits you and time is short!

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!

Namastê! »


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