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What does it mean to "Accept things as they are?"

Hi! All of us, worldwide, are currently going through an intense purge of old traumas, from past and simultaneous lives (i.e. from other parallel realities) and even present and future lives. This is very visible around us, and so I decided to write this article in the hope of bringing a little bit more light and understanding.

A lot is said about « Accept things as they are. », especially when they are things considered negative by our ego, or even as a human being with emotions. But what does this really mean?

First of all, we have to get out of thinking « This shouldn't have happened because... » and understand that it has already happened, or is happening. From that step, we need discernment to understand: why we attracted the situation (Yes, if something is still stirring us emotionally, it is because something was projected by us, even if unconsciously!); what the situation is showing us that we are not seeing; what mastery we should apply here (e.g. mental, emotional, relational, spiritual, etc.) and what tools to use to heal what was projected; what we can do about the situation and how to come out of it gracefully and in peace?

To exemplify, I will mention, briefly, two different cases that happened to me.

The first one was 3 months ago and it was very traumatic for me at the emotional level. In this case, two people who were close to me had less positive attitudes towards me and hurt me as a human being. I needed a lot of 12D shield, violet flame, meditations, as well as self-healing, a lot of retrospection, interiorization and discernment to understand what I have to learn and get through it (plus I had help from friends who were out of the situation). I needed to heal my grief, my wounded ego, and also ask for two therapies from two different therapists to understand the karma behind this. These therapies: showed me my karmic part that is in the process of purification; confirmed what I had already been feeling, that I needed to step away for my own protection and Higher Good; showed me that I am fulfilling my mission and trust the support I am receiving from the spiritual guides.

The second case, was this month and it was with my internet provider and a technical problem on their side. In this case, I ended up freaking out on the phone with the customer support lady for a situation that she said she couldn't resolve. I threatened to make a complaint as I had the law on my side, and suddenly when I realized this and my ego reaction, I immediately apologized to the lady for raising my voice to her, telling her it was not her fault, she was just doing her job and told her I would personally go to a store to resolve the issue. After finishing the call, I immediately put the violet flame on to transmute the dense energy of my ego, washed my hair while calming down and left the house to go to the operator's store. On the way, and already calm, I had the discernment of how to act in a responsive and non-reactive (*) way in the store, and when I got there, not only did the employee attend me with great sympathy, but also solved my case and in my favor.

(*) NOTE: To understand the difference between reactivity and responsiveness, I suggest reading the following article:

In the end, in both cases I gained. In the first, I got better on a mental, spiritual, and energetic level; in the second, I got better on a material and financial level. :)

Always remember that to improve a more challenging relationship, it is important to look within, ask for help from our Higher Self, Divine Presence I AM, guides, or even therapists, to understand the bigger picture of the situation. Use energetic cleansing and protection tools daily (as there are always negative entities behind trying to suck spiritual and emotional energy emanating from these challenging situations). Practice compassion, tolerance, gratitude, love, first for ourselves and then for others.

By healing one, we heal all! WE ARE ONE! AND SO IT IS!

Many blessings, courage, light, peace and love in the heart!


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