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Blue Flame of Divine Will

blue flame

The Blue Flame drives the destruction of the obsolete form, purifying what is necessary so that the new can be created, on all levels. Its guardian is Master El Morya, its Archangels Michael and Faith, and its Elohim (form builders) Hercules and Amazonia. This ray is excellent for helping to remove fears, increase faith and courage; surrender to the will of God, of our divine presence; gain emotional structure; personal power; focus; willpower to fulfill the soul's mission.

NOTE: This is the ray of politics, governance, military, administration (which has been misused on the planet). It is the ray that has been distorted the most: misuse of words (unloving); control and manipulation; pride; stubbornness; arrogance; lack of trust in God; fearing God; denying God's existence; fear; coldness; impulsiveness; mentalism; dogma. This is the 1st Ray that must be integrated, because the will to surrender to the divine is the beginning of aspiration on the path of ascension.

The experience of "separation" from the divine allowed us to experience the opposite. How is it possible to really know God, ourselves, without knowing what it is not to know God? What first started as a small fear and doubt, became a great lack of trust in God, in us. Our test now is to allow ourselves to trust the divine again and heal the consciousness (heal the karma) that created the "separation" from God. As we peel back the layers of past hurts and traumas, many of us find that we have a lack of trust in God and Spirit. For many of us "surrendering" to the divine will is a scary proposition (because of the submissive idea passed by religions).

Adapted from the book "The Seven Sacred Flames" by Aurelia Louise Jones

Tip: Thoughts and expectations are the hardest thing to control. Discipline has to come through the heart and surrender to the divine will. It is suggested to use the rays (whatever the heart feels) for at least 21 days non-stop. This is the number of days that allows reprogramming the mind.


In this video, you'll find a guided meditation to the Temple of Divine Will, in the Lemurian city of Telos, in the 5D.

Alternatively, you can download the MP3 of the meditation here.

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