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About me

I am a multidimensional holistic therapist / counselor. I consider myself an activator of consciences and I try to help those who want to evolve, to be co-creators of their life in a conscious and loving way. In my therapies, each Being is cared for in the appropriate way for her/his current situation and in accordance with her/his Supreme Good. The Being is treated in an integral way, approaching her/his Multidimensional Self.

We all have Divine Mastery within us in our Sacred Heart. I always like to remember that healing only happens when there is love, compassion, tolerance, surrender and gratitude in the person receiving the therapy. The result is not always what the personality / ego wants, but what the SELF needs. ;)

I am only a channel but it is you, friendly soul, who heal yourself when you surrender and trust in your Divine Essence, in your Higher Self. Everything happens in the right way and at the right time, according to the will of your Higher Self. And so it is!

About the project

The project «Seeking the Union» emerged from my own process of reunion with my Presence I AM. This is the result of my journey, towards my path of ascension; a daily search in the innermost depths of my Being.

The path of Ascension, of Union, must be made in a conscious, joyful way, in communion with the presence I AM WHAT I AM that exists in everything. First of all, it must be done with ourselves, surrendering our heart, mind and will to the divine, seeing who we really are; and then being able to really see God/Mother/Father's presence in all beings around us, in all that is.

To BE is to live by the heart, aligned with the divine will. AND SO IT IS!


In gratitude to the Creator, to All That Simply Is,

Anabela Marques da Silva

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