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White Flame of Ascension and Purification

white flame

The White Flame allows the elevation of consciousness, DNA activation, accelerating the process of clearing the chakras and aura, removing negativity, poverty vows, limiting beliefs, becoming God through Divine Mother consciousness. Ascension is the union of the human Self with the divine Self culminating in the transformation of the physical body into a crystalline body, or light body.

NOTE: This flame contains the frequency and colors of all other flames. Do you remember in school, when we had the wheel of colors on paper, and when we turned it quickly, our eyes would see it in white? ;)

« [...] In the ascension process, the transformed minds will unite with the Sacred Heart; the heart will ascend first and you will experience divine union. Your chakras will be unified and you will no longer feel separate from the rest of "you" and the universe. The chakras will remain as different centers, but at the same time united. Many more chakras will be added to you and activated. You can realize the potency of this process. This is why an ascended master is an enlightened being. Don't wait for anyone's permission or "kick" to start the process. Start now, if you want this Enlightenment to happen in you. »

Words of Master Adama in the book "Telos 3 - Protocols of the Fifth Dimension" by Aurelia Louise Jones

TIP: Following a process of using the Flame of Ascension, sing 3x "OM" to help anchor the energy physically.


In this video, you'll find a guided meditation to the Temple of Ascension, in the Lemurian city of Telos, in the 5D.

Alternatively, you can download the MP3 of the meditation here.

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