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Pink Flame of Cosmic or Unconditional Love

pink flame

The Pink Flame represents the divine love that connects the divine idea to the physical form. Universal Love is what guarantees atomic consistency and feeds the chakras. Its Guardian is Master Paul The Venetian (assisted by Master Rowena). Master Paul is also called Maha Chohan because he is the representant of the Holy Spirit for this planet. To be an embodiment of the consciousness/love of the Holy Spirit is a complex and wonderful task. Universal Love is not the sentimentality known by humans, but a Constant and Unchanging Presence, a Virtue of the Divine Presence I AM (WHAT I AM).

Note 1: One way to expand Love consciousness is to express Gratitude. In fact, the Law of Creation, Manifestation and Multiplication is nurtured by Gratitude. This helps increase our blessings.

Note 2: Forgiveness is never for the other but for ourselves. It is we who benefit by forgiving, we gain more inner peace and expand our heart and consciousness.

Note 3: Remember that the Personal Ascension Portal is our Heart Chakra. This is the one that ascends first!

« Codes of Conduct for a disciple of the Holy Spirit:

1- Always remain conscious of your aspiration to embody the full expression of divinity.

2- Do not cause harm or damage to any part of life, whether by words, thoughts, or emotions.

3- Do not disturb, thoughtlessly or deliberately, the "sea of emotions" of a brother or sister.

4- Disassociate yourself from personal and planetary (collective) illusions.

5- If you are right, there is no need to proclaim it. If you are wrong, ask for forgiveness.

6- Walk softly on Earth and through the Universe, bringing peace and enlightenment to life, everywhere.

7- Always respect your temple and preserve its purity. Respect and honor other temples with kindness and dignity.

8- When in nature, do not profane it with vile thoughts, sounds, emotions, or acts. Absorb its beauty and gifts with gratitude.

9- Do not form or offer opinions unless you are invited to do so; and that only after obtaining internal guidance.

10- Always be grateful for what you have received and what you have at the moment.

11- In words and actions, be kind, but with dignity, seeking to manifest perfect compassion before the afflicted.

12- Speak with kindness, humility and loving service. Remain vigilant and active in love. »

Words (some adapted) of Master Paul The Venetian in the book "Telos 3 - Protocols of the Fifth Dimension" by Aurelia Louise Jones


In this video, you'll find a guided meditation to the Temple of Cosmic Love, in the Lemurian city of Telos, in the 5D.

Alternatively, you can download the MP3 of the meditation here.

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