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Crystals Workshop Level 1


In this introductory workshop to the world of crystals you will learn: what they are; why and how to use them; methods of cleaning and energizing them; amplifying the energy of crystals; understanding what a personal crystal is, how to program and deprogram it; learning more about what the aura is, which main chakras we have, their functions and the different crystals we can use in each chakra.
The course includes a dictionary with 33 crystals that we can apply to the main chakras to help us on the Psychic and Physical levels.

Next Scheduled date(s):

Online (Skype Meetings*), November 30th, from 5:30pm to 7pm GMT. (in english)

* Note: Skype Meetings does not require to have Skype installed nor a Skype account.

Investment: 60€

Registrations: Send e-mail to

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