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Crystalline Integrative Healing

Crystalline Integrative Healing

Crystalline Integrative Healing is a supportive therapy for the ascension of the Being. Its intent is to help the Being integrate processes and parts of oneself necessary for ascension through repair, adjustment and recalibration of one's chakras, subtle bodies and meridians.
Like all therapies, this is a complement to the inner work that each Being must do within oneself, in order to create one's own ascension process through the heart.

PS: This therapy was co-created by my Higher Self, Guardians and Masters of the Amethyst Order, and Aquaferians of the Aquamarine Crystalline Universe of the Mother Goddess.

Duration: 30 to 40 min   Investment: 70€

The therapy can be done remotely or in presence.

The teams are composed of the therapist's Higher Self and Guides, the Amethyst Order, the Coadjuvant Realms of Earth, the Crystalline Universe, and the patient's Higher Self and Guides.
Sometimes, during our evolutionary process, it may happen that parts of us are not doing the integration and/or acceptance of certain experiences, which may cause a physical, mental, emotional and energetic discomfort or uneasiness. This therapy aims exactly to ascertain the possible cause of disharmonization in the Being (in the present moment) and to make the necessary adjustments, repairs, and recalibrations in order to bring back comfort and well-being to the patient and realign him/her with his/her divine purpose.
During the process, the teams use etheric crystals and other tools of high crystalline vibration on the etheric body of the patient. The whole process is done for the supreme good of the patient, the All, according to the
Law of One!

At the end, the therapy report is recorded in audio and sent by email.

In deep gratitude, I AM THAT I AM!


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