Crystalline Integrative Healing

Cura Integrativa Cristalina

Duration: 60 min Investment: € 50

It can be done in person or remotely.

The Crystalline Integrative Healing focuses mainly on the meridian channels, chakras and subtle bodies. During therapy, the status of the chakras is checked:

- when done in person, physical crystals are applied over the physical body;

- when done remotely, etheric crystals are applied over the etheric body.

The teams are composed by the therapist, her Higher Self, Guides, Archangels Michael and Raphael, Fairies' Kingdom and the Crystalline Universe. And, of course, in each therapy, the Higher Self and the patient's Guides are also present. The whole process is done under their guidance and according to the supreme good of the patient and the whole.

Sometimes, during our evolutionary process, it may happen that parts of us are not integrating and/or accepting certain experiences, which can cause physical, mental, emotional and energetic discomfort. This therapy aims exactly to make the necessary purifications and realignments, in order to bring comfort and well-being to the patient again. Therefore, during the process, an investigation is made of the possible cause of disharmonization of the chakras, subtle bodies and meridian channels. In the end, the respective unlocking, cleaning and harmonization and defragmentation of the energy is done.

This information is then communicated to the patient, and a written report is delivered after the therapy.