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Healing with the Goddess Priestesses

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Duration: 60 min. Investment: € 60

Healing with the Goddess Priestesses is a deep healing of light and love, coming from the energies of the Mother-Goddess, Source, to all the manifestations and states of consciousness of our Being. High frequency discharges of light and love, programmed for the desired healing effect, are made upon the patient, promoting a reaction and readaptation of her/his self-healing system, according to the supreme good of the patient and the Whole. This discharge is programmed, adjusted and controlled by the Teams of Light Beings assigned to the healing, along with the patient's Higher Self and Guides.

This therapy was co-created by my Higher Self and Sacred Feminine/Masculine Cosmic consciousnesses.

The therapy is done only remotely

There are fixed and variable teams in the therapy. The light beings that compose the fixed part are: the therapist's Higher Self and Guides, and the Surface Command of the Mother-Goddess Priestesses - composed of various masters/goddesses of the Sacred Feminine such as Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, Nada, Tara, Rowena, Pallas Athena, among others. This command is led by Kwan Yin (Amethyst Order), Mother Mary (Emerald Order) and Nada (Ruby-Gold Order). The Fairy Kingdom is included in this command.

The light beings that compose the variable teams are: the patient's Higher Self and Guides, Ashtar Command (especially when CAI interferences are detected in the patient's life), Telosians, Guardians, Archangels, etc. In each therapy, teams are assigned according to the Highest Good of the patient and the Whole, and all report to the Surface Command of the Mother-Goddess Priestesses and to the Higher Self and Guides of the patient.

This healing can be applied to any area of the patient's life, to any subject, pattern or to any situation.
It is a therapeutic cure that can be applied to absolutely everything! It can be applied to one or more themes/areas/patterns that the patient wants to heal in herself/himself, during the same therapy; or it can be applied, in a general way, to what is the supreme good of the patient and the Whole, in the present moment. It can be applied to pregnant women, people of any age, animals, houses, cars, spaces, projects, etc. Everything has energy and everything is liable to be aligned with the Divine Sacred Feminine and Masculine!

The teams assigned to the healing make an evaluation of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic condition of the patient and, in order of priority, according to the supreme good of the patient and the Whole, in the present moment, they begin the healing application. During the therapy, the teams pass information to the therapist about the healing process; about the patient's condition and the awareness that she/he must do, for the integration of healing.

At the end, the therapy report is written and emailed.

Note: Instructions may be given to the patient to carry out after the therapy, so that his/her personality aligns with his/her Higher Self and can move forward in his/her cure. The patient, during the therapeutic process, is monitored 24 hours a day by the teams, so that the process may be done regularly, balanced, continuous and sustained, giving the patient the necessary impulse to effectively achieve the cure, and if possible at the present moment, definitively.

In deep gratitude, I AM!


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