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Healing Course

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Healing is a powerful energetic healing tool and follows the same concept of the Rose (Essence of Being) used in Rose Meditation and Aura Reading. In this course, you learn how to perform Healing therapies both on others and on yourself. With the help of Guides of this angelic Essene egregore of light, you will learn how to use Christic Energy in a profound way.

Healing therpay allows the identification of blockages, dense cords, entities or other densities that may only be in the aura, in order to prevent them from manifesting in the physical body. With the help of Divine Energy, the therapist helps to unblock and remove energies that may be misaligning the person's spirit and affecting the harmony between it and its four pilars (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical), thus allowing the person's spirit to heal and realign itself. 

Note: This course can be done on a "1 to 1" basis. If you have a very specific schedule and are interested, this course can be scheduled at a date/time that suits you. Contact me! ;)


Next Scheduled date(s):

Online (Skype Meetings*), weekend of March 23th and 24th, from 9h-12h & 13h30-16h30 GMT. (in english)

* Note: Skype Meetings does not require to have Skype installed nor a Skype account.

Investment: 170€

Registrations: Send e-mail to

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