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Aura Readings

Aura Reading

The Aura is our bioenergetic field that reflects our state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and provides information on how we are living the present moment. Aura reading is not a divination therapy, nor it is futurology. It follows the FSF - Foundation for Spiritual Freedom® method, called "the rose method", in which a rose is read, representing the person's divine essence. It can be done in presence, online, or remotely. When done in person, or online, the person is seated in front of the therapist and can eventually ask questions. The reading is recorded in MP3 format and delivered to the person by e-mail.

Duration:   variable, from 30 to 90 min. Investment: 70€

1. General Aura Reading
It allows bringing information about: blockages that may be preventing evolution (whether unconscious memories or not, interference from the ego, external energies, pacts made in other lives); unknown potentialities that the person has; and spiritual agreements in the present moment. At the end, the chakras and aura layers are cleaned and harmonized.

Note: The General Aura Reading is the basis for any specialized aura reading, i.e., you must have had at least 1 general aura reading in your life (by this method). The minimum period between a general reading and a specialized one is 3 months (or 1 month, depending on what the person has integrated). Between specialized aura readings, of different subjects, the minimum period is 1 week, and for the same subject, is 3 months (or 1 month, depending on what the person has integrated).

2. Feminine Energy Aura Reading

It is intended for young and adult women only. It allows to see: the percentages of her FE (Feminine Energy) and ME (Masculine Energy); how she is dealing with FE/ME, whether from herself or around her; spiritual agreements she has as a woman in the present moment; and blockages and/or potentialities related to the subject. At the end, her creative channel (womb) is read, cleansed, and harmonized. In the womb, information may appear about her ancestry, gestation and/or birth, patterns and beliefs inherited from the parents, or even blocking etheric cords.

3. Prosperity Aura Reading

It allows us to unlock, and enhance any area of ​​our life. Ex: prosperity in relationships, work, health, money, family, etc. It allows to see how is the person facing the subject, in general, and in its 4 foundations: emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. It also allows to see: people or situations that may be influencing the theme (positively or negatively); beliefs; and vows of poverty, or other blockages that prevent prosperity. At the end, a cleansing and harmonization of the chakras, and aura’s layers, is made.

4. Thematic Aura Reading

It’s focused on a theme or goal the person wants to work on. Ex: indecision about something in one’s life, addictions, phobias, a specific health problem, etc. It allows to see: how is the person facing the subject; people or situations that may be influencing the theme (positively or negatively); beliefs, or other blockages, related to the theme. At the end, a cleansing and harmonization of the chakras, and aura’s layers, is made.

5. Relational Aura Reading
It is a reading about the relationship between 2 or more people. It can be a relationship between colleagues, partners, friends, family, or an intimate relationship. It allows to see: how is each person in the relationship; other lives in common; spiritual agreements in the relationship; locks and keys to overcome these locks; and, yet, the potential of the relationship.

Note: In order to do this reading, at least one of the intervening people must have done a general aura reading; and all people intervening must give their written consent by e-mail.

6. Oracle of Birth Reading
This reading is for adults only! Its objective is to recognize purposes and patterns brought into this life and to heal one's relationship with one's mother and father (even though they may no longer be on the physical plane). The idea is to bring to consciousness unconscious traumas and memories, re-signifying them. Since conception, we keep memories of everything we've felt, heard and been through. And these memories tell us what choices we have made on a spiritual level to work in this life.

This reading will focus on the adult's portal of life in its 3 phases:

1º Conception: Where the agreements made with the father and mother will be observed (choice of family).

2º Gestation: Where the programming coming from the family will be observed in order to be worked and healed.

3º Birth: Where the way the person came into the world, how the birth went, will be observed.

Spiritual agreements (apart from the parents) that can have a major impact on the adult's life will also be looked at.


Note: This reading may be repeated a few months or years later, as there may be agreements with the parents to be fulfilled first, so that other agreements can then be made.

7. Baby's Reading in the Mother's Belly
This reading is only intended for pregnant women who have already had at least one general aura reading! Its purpose is to help parents get to know the baby's energy, spiritual agreements with the parents and/or other people in the family, potentials to integrate and/or repetitive patterns to clear from the baby, and a general cleansing and harmonization of the baby's energy. This reading can help parents to calm down about pregnancy and childbirth because, being very symbolic, it can reflect the parents' unconscious fears (which may never be justified). This reading can be taken immediately after fertilization (in the 1st trimester) and can be repeated several times throughout the pregnancy.

Note: This reading can only be requested by the mother, or by the father (with the wife's consent), as she is the conduit to life. The father can be present at the reading (and it's even advisable) and, at the end, he too can ask questions. If there are twins, it is necessary to take different readings for each baby, as each Being is different.

8. Aura Reading for Children
It's an aura reading for children up to the age of 14. If it's in person and the child is 12, 13 or 14, he/she must expressly want to do it. And depending on his/her maturity, it's up to him/her to say whether he/she wants the parents present, or prefers them to wait outside the room. This reading allows to understand a little more about the child's energy and personality, his/her relationship with the parents, spiritual agreements, potentials to be integrated, repetitive patterns to be cleared, and the final energy's cleansing and harmonization. The reading can be done online/in the presence of the parents and in the absence of the child (i.e. it is done remotely to the child's spirit); this is especially advisable in the case of very young children.

This reading is never recorded! If it's done online/in person, and the parents are present, they can take notes if they wish. If it's done remotely, the reader takes notes of the reading and then sends them to the parents. We must understand that children are usually mirrors of their parents and that the information is usually for them. It is advisable for at least one parent to do a general aura reading (before or after the child's reading).

Note: This reading can only be requested by the child's parents/tutors. If the child is adopted, it can be requested by the adoptive parents. If a child is under the care of the State, for example, if there is a Social Worker responsible for his/her care (being his/her tutor), he/she can also ask the reading for the child. It is advisable for the Social Worker to do at least one General Aura Reading, either before or after the child's reading.

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