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Karmic Numerology

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It is not always easy to understand why in our current life we go through situations that we find so difficult, or even inexplicable. Karmic numerology can help us understand these lessons.

Karmic numerology allows obtaining, from the date of birth and the full name, information about possible karma brought from other lives, which are manifested in unconscious behaviors and challenges to be overcome in the present life. It also allows to reveal strengths and weaknesses of the personality, to identify cycles (transits) and purpose of this life and which energy must be developed to achieve it.

Personal Karmic Numerology * Investment: 30 €
Family Karmic Numerology (up to 3 people) * Investment: 80 €
Note: For each additional person, add 30€

* Note: The maps are sent by email, in PDF format, so a personal consultation is not necessary. Any question can be answered by email.

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