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Rose Meditation

Rose Meditation is a powerful tool for spiritual cleansing and protection, and it helps the individual to increasingly achieve a state of neutrality. Neutrality does not mean passivity, but rather not placing an emotional charge on the events of one's life.

With Rose Meditation, the individual begins to have more discernment of what his/her energies are and those of others, and learns to release what does not belong to him/her.

Rose Meditation derived from the Essenes and the Foundation for Spiritual Freedom® and is the basis of the Aura Reading Course. With this tool, the individual learns to connect more and more with his/her Christic Divine Essence.

Next Scheduled dates:

A- Online (Skype Meeting), 1st part: 16 & 17 September from 14h to 17h GMT; 2nd part: 23 & 24 September from 14h to 17h GMT. (portuguese/english)

B- Online (Skype Meeting), from 10 to 13 Oct., from 9h30 to 12h30 GMT (portuguese/english)

Investment: 160€

Registrations: Send e-mail to

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