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Rose Meditation

Rose Meditation 1 Course

Rose Meditation is a powerful tool for spiritual cleansing and protection, that helps you to increasingly achieve a state of neutrality. Neutrality does not mean passivity, but rather not placing an emotional charge on the events of your life. The Rose Meditation derived from the Essenes and the Foundation for Spiritual Freedom® and is the basis of the Aura Reading Course.

With the Rose Meditation you learn to:

- See if you are in command of your energy and to clear and protect that command space;

- Ground yourself to the Earth and learn to meditate inside your body, protecting it;

- Clear and protect your energy space (aura and chakras) and physical body;

- Cleanse the thymus gland in order to activate it as a chakra (8th Chakra - Higher Heart);

- Connect more and more with your Divine Christic Essence;

- Have more discernment of what are your energies and those of others;

- Free yourself from what doesn't belong to you and reclaim your energy;

- Observe your negative patterns and/or those acquired from family, society, and cleanse them;

- Get closer and closer to the natural divine state of neutrality.

Note: As this is a personal tool, this course can be done on a "1 to 1" basis. If you have a very specific agenda and are interested in doing it, it can be scheduled at a date/time that suits you. Contact me! ;)

Next Scheduled date(s):

Online (Skype Meetings*), weekend of April 20th and 21th, from 9h-12h & 13h30-16h30 GMT. (in english)

* Note: Skype Meetings does not require to have Skype installed nor a Skype account.

Investment: 170€

Registrations: Send e-mail to

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