Questions and Answers about Ascension

1. What is ascension?

Ascension is a process that goes through the transformation of the physical body into an immortal light body, into the 5D+, moving through the higher dimensions, and culminates with the Return to the Source. It is a process of union with God/Father/Mother, the Higher Self, the divine presence I AM, also called GSF - God Sovereign Free.

2. What is needed to ascend?

It is necessary to unify the inner sacred heart with the will of the Creator. It is a process that involves surrending the heart, mind, ego, soul, body, in short, all parts of our Being, to the divine will. First, the heart ascends (which is our internal portal of ascension) in total harmony, and only then can the body be transformed.

3. What transforms the physical body into a light body?

As we heal our unconscious, karma, emotions, traumas, limiting beliefs, fears and everything negative, our thoughts and emotions start to be created at a new frequency and, consequently, the number and speed of the electrons of our atoms increases. It is this frequency of atomic acceleration, of a consciousness allied to the heart, that allows the transformation of the matter of our physical body into an immortal light body.

4. Is planet Earth ascending?

Yes, the planet and the Milky Way are ascending. The whole system moves in the universe and, as the alignment with the Cosmic Central Sun (Source) approaches, it receives its infusions of light and divine cosmic waves.

5. Is ascension for all beings?

The divine cosmic waves and light are affecting and transforming all beings. However, ascension can only occur for those who consciously seek and work on it (after all, the heart of each one is their own portal of ascension). Eventually, everyone will one day ascend; however, the time when they do it is different for each Being.

6. Is the ascension period always available on Earth?

No. The period of ascension, depends on such cosmic alignments; therefore, there is a deadline to work on our own ascension (on Earth). The deadline is pointed to the end of 2021, which may extend to the first months of 2022 (the year in which the Great Solar Flash is expected).

7. What happens to Beings who do not consciously work for their ascension in this period?

These Beings will make their transition through a process of physical death and will incarnate on other 3D planets prepared to receive them.

8. What is the Great Solar Flash?

It is the projection of the great divine holographic ray (divine cosmic wave from the Source), done through our Sun, that will free Earth permanently, from all negative energies, culminating in its entry into the 5D. Hence the importance of the work of the shadow itself, otherwise the Being cannot withstand such a vibration. When an aurora borealis appears in the entire atmosphere of the Earth, it is a sign that the Great Solar Flash is occurring.