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Full Ascension vs Partial Ascension

Dear friends, today I'm going to talk about the differences between Partial Ascension and Full Ascension and the various scenarios foreseen in ascension. Let me remind you that ascension is biological, organic, made through our conscious connection to God, in a daily commitment to work on the ego, and never through Artificial Intelligence!

IMPORTANT: For a better understanding of the terms of this article, I suggest you read first the article Christic Founder Races.

First of all, I'd like to point out that it's not consciousness that ascends, but matter (1): the physical body and the soul (which is also made up of matter, but of a different kind). Rather, consciousness collects its manifestations (or identity stations) scattered throughout the various dimensions (frequency bands), even other universes, and its experiences acquired in these manifestations. In educational terms, for our UTM, if we had to use a very simplistic analogy, we could take the movie AVATAR and imagine that, for example, a 12D manifestation enters the machine and conducts an 11D body (for example); in turn, the 11D body enters the machine and conducts a 10D body, etc. When ascending, it's as if you were leaving each machine for good, thus ending the physical manifestation of the dimension below.

(1) Note: This process can be found in the article Documented physical proof of (biological) ascension.

Full Ascension involves completely leaving the Universal Time Matrix and moving into the Energetic Matrix. From there, a Yani or Ascended Master can, if desired, manifest consciousness with a physical body at will. The being becomes Omnipotent (characteristic of the 1st Ray - Blue), Omniscient (characteristic of the 2nd Ray - Gold/Yellow) and Omnipresent (characteristic of the 3rd Ray - Pink). To reach this level of ascension, it takes a lot of meditative work and self-healing and it is necessary to have a good mastery of the essences of the 7 main rays (maybe even the 12 rays, I would say)! :D

Any Ascension that takes place within our Universal Time Matrix is a Partial Ascension. And here we have different scenarios. Some people will go to 5D, others to 6D, etc, etc, up to 15D. Not everyone will ascend in this lifetime, some will die and: either their soul will work on their ascension on other planes; or they may incarnate on another 3D planet and do their spiritual process from there. It all depends on the level of consciousness attained, the soul's purpose/mission, stellar origin, etc.

According to information given by the Krystal Guardians, which can be found in Lisa Renee's Ascension Glossary, the ascension vehicle (light body or merkaba) of the angelic human reflects Four God World Domains:

  1. Core of Creation (Universal Father Conduit - covers dimensions: 14D, 15D). All God World Domains emanate from this core. The core of creation emanates into the next layer which contains the Inner World Domain which has also been referred to as the Inner Hubs of Creation.

  2. Inner World Domain (Inner Hubs of Creation - covers dimensions 9D to 13D). This domain is powering the 12:12 electrical Christos masculine fields of creation, that merge and unify with the 13:13 electrical Christos feminine fields of creation, included in the 13th Pillar called the Mother Arc. These 12 base fields form the Kryst-Krystallah structure, or Universal Androgynous Merkaba fields of Christos-Sophia. NOTE: The Kathara Grid operates on this base 12 linked to the 12 DNA strands of the angelic human.

  3. Middle World Domain (Universal Mother's Dark Matter Matrix - covers dimensions: 6D to 8D). This domain was generated from the new HU6 created after the recovery of the Metagalactic Core. This matrix contains the correct patterns of the Sophianic consciousness (Feminine Solar Christ) and of our UTM, which means that any form created in our UTM already has the original Sophianic morphogenetic patterns. NOTE: The Aquaferians are hosting the access to the upper timelines (9D and above) from Andromeda. There is a kind of tunnel in the Aurora Ascension Platforms at 8D-9D, but it is accessed from 9D of the Andromedan level and above. Therefore, the Middle World Domain is also included in the upper timelines. Few people will go directly to the upper timelines. This connection is made internally (called Incension) and involves a conscious connection to the Christ consciousness, activation of the 12 DNA strands and a lot of surrender, love and compassion, in union with the Whole.

  4. Outer World Domain (covers dimensions: 1D to 5D). This domain emanates the organic medium timelines in which we experience the space-time continuum and is where we reside as physical beings in the UTM. This is currently the actual location from which we are stationed as an identity in the organic timelines on the earth plane.

« Now most people on the planet are going to be going to the median timeline because that’s the 5D layers of ascension, where people that pass their body will be primed and prepped, to undergo clearing of mind control and spiritual healing at various levels. Let’s say, for some people it’s better for them to drop their physical body and continue their consciousness journey development – they’re going to be directed towards the median timeline. » - Lisa Renee

As a final note, I'd like to point out that we shouldn't go into a mental process and worry about trying to figure out which dimension we're going to, or whether we're going to become Ascended Masters, but rather, simply by seeking the Inner God of our heart, meditating, opening our heart, seeking healing, surrendering to the will of our Higher Self, of our Divine Presence I AM THAT I AM in deep gratitude and love, simply recognizing that we are One with the Whole and that we have the constant spiritual support of our ascension guides. And so it is!



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