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Christic Founder Races

Dear friends, today I am going to make an updated reposition of an article, from my previous site, about the first angelic races created in our UTM - Universal Time Matrix. The information presented is based on information from the book "Voyagers I", Ascension Dictionary and MCEO Freedom Teachings™ by Ashayana Deane, Ascension Glossary and Energetic Synthesis by Lisa Renee and also information I have been receiving in my multidimensional work.

Since there are negative beings similar in form (e.g., created from the genes of positive beings and regressed), or even impersonating positive beings (e.g., through artificial holography or psionic control), always use your Heart-Mind discernment when in the presence of any entity. For more information, read article: Cautions in ET contact.

To remember the structure of our UTM, I advise you to read this article first: The Universal Time Matrix

Note 1: Since 2021, after the restoration of the Galactic and Metagalactic Cores, two more HU - Harmonic Universes have already been created: UH6 (16D, 17D, 18D) and UH7 (19D, 20D, 21D) - which connect to 6D, 7D and 8D, to ensure that the ascension portals allow (to those who are prepared) to ascend beyond the dimensionalization of our UTM. These two HU are corridors of the Energy Matrix, which are part of a Failsafe Ascension Plan, to bypass the old dimensional corridors that were hijacked, reversed and distorted by the CAI, at the time of the attack on our UTM. Therefore, 6D was merged with 16D and later with 19D; 7D was merged with 17D and later with 20D; 8D was merged with 18D and later with 21D.


Note 2: In January 2023, new Source fields 22D, 23D and 24D opened up, revealing the capstone of the Threefold Founder Flame of a Parallel Universal Twin Matrix. This "Parallel Threefold Founder Flame" is composed of the following flames: Ruby Flame (22D), Sapphire Flame (23D) and Emerald Flame (24D). These fields were connected to our UTM through a 10D access Stargate in Iran. In this case, the consciousnesses of the Sapphire Flame (23D) come to help regenerate our 10D Sapphire body.

Returning to the main topic of this article, I will present below a schema that I created and its legend.

Energy Matrix - This matrix exists within the Consciousness Field of the Central Source of Creation (within the Monad), as a Unified Field of Energy within which exist the smaller dimensionalized reality fields of the Time Matrices. It is the first projection area into which consciousness flows as it individuates from the Monad.

God Source - It is the eternal consciousness of the ONE, also known as Yunasai, Great Spirit, God/Father/Mother/Life, TAO, Primary/Central Source, or Source of ALL THAT IS. Everything emerges from this source, where we are all ONE, the UNITY. This source is at the eternal Zero Point of our Sacred Heart, within us. The Source emanated three primordial sound fields (Khundaray), on the 3 levels (Eckatic, Polaric and Triadic) of the Energy Matrix, to form the Cosmic Trinity or Threefold Founder Flame.

Cosmic Trinity or Threefold Founder Flame - Eternal collective of consciousnesses of living light that resemble geometric shapes (sometimes resembling kaleidoscopes), so they are also called Geomancy. Other names for this collective are: Yanas, Eieyani, Elder Council, Cosmic Family of Consciousness, or Ultraterrestrials.

The Cosmic Trinity projected the three primordial light fields (Kee-Ra-Sha), in the 13D, 14D and 15D and is formed by:

1- Grandeyanas, or Blue Flame Yanas – Consciousnesses emanating from the 1st primordial sound, stationary at the Eckatic level of the Energy Matrix, 1st level of individuation within Source. This is the legitimate level of the Ascended Masters (or Yani), for it is a level of pre-matter, where consciousness does not manifest into matter. This is the level of Total Ascension, and to reach this level we need to activate 30-48 DNA strands, below that we have a Partial Ascension.

Note: The primordial sound of the Blue Flame is pronounced "Ra" and in our UTM it is translated into the sound of the word Melchizedek. The Eieyani collective responsible for seeding life into our UTM is called the Melchizedek Cloister Eieyani (or MC Eieyani).

2- Wachayanas, or Gold Flame Yanas – Consciousnesses emanating from the 2nd primordial sound, stationary at the Polaric level of the Energy Matrix, 2nd level of individuation within the Source.

3- Ramyanas, or Violet Flame Yanas – Consciousnesses emanating from the 3rd primordial sound, stationary at the Triadic level of the Energy Matrix, 3rd level of individuation within the Source.

Breneau Orders or Solar Rishi or Krystos Founder Races - Eternal collective of consciousnesses, in the form of spheres of antimatter, constituted by Thermoplastic Radiation, within the 3 primordial fields of light (Kee-Ra-Sha) that form Density 5 (or HU5). They are also known as Metaterrestrials.

Note: Both primordial sound fields (Khundaray) and primordial lights (Kee-Ra-Sha) hold the expressions of the Blue Ray (Mother-Arc), Pink Ray (Father-Arc) and Gold Ray (Golden Sun Krystos-Sophia), that form the divine trinity and from which all life forms come from in our UTM.

The Krystos Founder Races are formed by:

1- Elohei-Elohim or Emerald Order – First manifestation of conscious light from the Source, projected (950 billion years ago) by the Grandeyanas on 13D. The Elohei-Elohim created (950 billion years ago) on the 12D liquid light prematter planet Lyra-Aramatena, the angelic race Anuhazi (or Lyran-Sirian Whites) – Feline-Hominid race.

Note: The word 'Race' comes from the word Ray-Sa, in Anuhazi language (first language to be spoken in our UTM), where Ray means «Rainbow or Rays of Consciousness» and Sa means «Bearer». Thus, Ray-Sa means «Bearer of the Rays of Consciousness».

2- Seraphei-Seraphim or Gold Order – Second manifestation of conscious light from Source, projected (950 billion years ago) by the Wachayanas in 14D. The Seraphei-Seraphim created (950 billion years ago) on the 10D liquid light prematter planet Lyra-Vega, the following angelic races: Blue Avians (or Cerez or Bird-People or Carians) – Bird-Hominid race; Aethien – Mantis race (they always work as teachers); and an Insect-Reptile-Dinoid race.

3- Bra-Ha-Rama or Amethyst Order – Third manifestation of conscious light from the Source, projected (950 billion years ago) by the Ramyanas in 15D. The Bra-Ha-Rama created (950 billion years ago) on the 11D liquid light prematter planet Lyra-Aveyon, the following angelic races: Pegasai (or Pegasus) – Bird-Horse-Deer race; Yonei – aquatic monkey race; Inyu (or Whale-People) – race of cetaceans; and a race of aquatic dolphins.

Note: The cetacean races are also known as Aquaferians and have been working from the Aquamarine Universe of the Cosmic Mother, in direct connection with Andromeda. Those that existed in our UTM were destroyed during the Lyran Wars. In these wars, also the planets Aramatena and Aveyon (in the constellation of Lyra) were exploded.

The First Angelic Races are interdimensional pre-matter Christic liquid light beings (Avatars), so they can manifest as liquid light spheres (light body or KRYSTAL), or manifest in physical form. The Lyra-Aramatena/Lyra-Vega/Lyra-Aveyon triad, known as «The Cradle of Lyra», was the seeding point of life in our UTM 950 billion years ago. It was a cooperative agreement with the goal of peaceful co-evolution between the Yanas and Breneau. This agreement was called the Emerald Covenant of Aramatena. The genetic codes and templates of all life forms, manifested in our UTM, emerged from the genetic combination of the First Angelic Races and their biological variants.

Final note: In December 2022, during a work with the Guardians, they revealed to me that the Solar Dragons (or Cosmic Dragons) are nothing more than God's own rays and sacred flames of consciousness. :)

Love and light,


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