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Solar Mother-Goddess Vs False Lunar Goddess

Dear friends, today I'm going to talk about a major distortion that still exists in humanity's mind about the Mother-Goddess. The belief that the consciousness of the Mother-Goddess is of Lunar origin when this is not true. The consciousness of the Mother-Goddess is Solar!

According to astrology, the Moon is said to be the ruling planet of the sign Cancer. Me, being of this sign, I 've never felt this in my heart, I've always been more attracted to the Sun. But of course, in my ignorance, for years I too let myself be carried away by this belief that the Goddess was lunar and I did those New Moon, Full Moon rituals, with candles and intentions, which many people still do.

When a few years ago I read in a newsletter by Lisa Renee that the Goddess is Solar, I immediately felt this to be true in my heart and realized why I had never felt the connection with the Moon in my heart. Since reading that newsletter, I've never done rituals to the Moon and I'll explain why below.

So why isn't the Goddess lunar?

First of all, the Moon is not a natural satellite and therefore has no spirit or consciousness associated with it. The Moon is an observation station (a real ship) that was built by the Founding Races to observe incarnational experiences. The intention was positive. The Moon was brought close to the Earth and remained stationary there. As you know, the planets both rotate on themselves (rotation) and revolve around the Sun (translation). Have you ever wondered why the Moon doesn't rotate on itself and always presents us with the same face? Because, being artificial, this non-rotation has been maintained with a powerful magnetic beam connected to Antarctica. A few years ago, while working with the Guardians, I was shown this and told that it would be deactivated. Millions of years ago, the Moon was taken over by the NAA - Negative Alien Agenda - and currently has several bases inside it, where there are still CAI chambers where the energetic bodies of humans are taken (and some are even physically abducted), where traumatizing and degrading experiments are carried out; they control minds, souls and the sexual energy of human beings who still cling to the belief that the Goddess is lunar! The Guardians warn that anyone who clings to this belief and/or continues to perform rituals to the Moon is unconsciously giving consent to the NAA for these very negative experiences!

Another point to bear in mind is that, if you think about it, there is no Lunar Logos! There is Planetary Logos, Solar Logos, Galactic Logos, Universal Logos, Cosmic Logos. And interestingly, these logos exist because there is a central sun either at the center of solar systems, galaxies, universes and Cosmos (in this case it's called the Great Cosmic Central Sun, or Primary Source).

The Sacred Solar Feminine is also a Christic, Sophianic, Avataric consciousness. Some call it the masculine/feminine principle of Christ/Sophia, Christ/Holy Spirit, Hieros Gamos (fusion of the two energies). For more information, read the article The Universal Time Matrix.

And who first distorted the image of the Sacred Solar Goddess into a false lunar goddess?

The KRYSTAL Guardians told me it was the Luciferian Serpents. And I'm not talking about the Luciferian Anunnaki & Co (currently a mishmash of races and also infested with CAI), I'm talking about the original Luciferian Serpents, some very ancient serpents that have remained hidden on Earth. However, for some years they have been evicted from planet Earth, but some are still on the loose.

Three years ago, in a therapy session I did with a client, it was explained to me that it was these serpents who first distorted the energy of the human woman. They had discovered that in our uterus, in the cervix area, (1) we have a direct portal to the Source, a direct connection to the Goddess and the serpents became jealous of this characteristic and tried to usurp this connection. They began by possessing human women, then mixed their DNA with women (2) and even ended up distorting the ovarian cycles by creating menstruation. Initially, there was no need to menstruate; when the angelic humans (3) expressly wanted to generate a life, an egg would be released which would then be fertilized, so it would never die or come out as blood. It was with the distortion of the Luciferian serpents that it all began, and then the rituals to the Moon also began.

(1) Note: In a Feminine Energy Aura Reading I did on a client in 2016, I detected a wound on her uterus and the presence of nanites in the cervix area. At the time, I asked if she had had any vaccinations and she confirmed that she had had the HPV vaccination. I told her about the portal to the Goddess in the cervix and said that the nanites had accumulated in that area on purpose to affect the portal (because the alien entities behind the creation of this vaccine are aware of this portal). The client then confirmed that she had a wound in that area. She was then healed with etheric rose quartz frequencies in her uterus.

(2) Note: Lupus, for example, is a disease resulting from the presence of serpent DNA in the human being. In 2021, in a therapy I did on a person who had taken Pfizer's 3rd cvid shot, the guides revealed the existence of DNA from serpent entities. Curiously, some time later, I shared this information on a website I follow and one of the readers sent me this video where the existence of snake venom in these vaccines is reported (video in English with Portuguese subtitles):

(3) Note: Here I'm talking about beings who are already sexual, because our androgynous Oraphim ancestors generated life through the extension of their energy/aura, either alone or with a partner.

The KRYSTAL Guardians say that this distortion of the image of the Goddess was cleverly thought up by the Luciferian serpents because, by implanting the belief that the Goddess is lunar, they diverted the focus of attention from the Sun to the Moon. And because of the distortions created about the observation station that is the Moon, they also distort the sunlight that it reflects. This is also why it is not advisable to energize crystals by moonlight, even if they are Moonstones!

So what to do to free yourself from the Moon's influences?

First of all, I suggest stopping any rituals to the Moon. Then decree daily the Return to Rightful Owner Command. And, of course, if you feel in your heart, seek therapeutic help. For example, I'm currently doing monthly Healings with the Goddess Priestesses on a person who has this Moon belief, whose energy body was trapped in an CAI chamber on the Moon, with the light body full of implants and almost completely dissolved. Of course, the teams immediately began to rescue it and now it's time to continue with its healing.

Luciferian Consciousnesses behind the New Age Movement and OM

In 2022, I had to leave a spiritual project I was part of because of something that was done to me that hurt me as a human being. I first distanced myself from the people in the project and, before making a decision to leave it for good, I went to someone I trust to make me a Feminine Energy Aura Reading, because I wanted to understand what was happening to me. It was revealed to me that there was a female Luciferian consciousness in the project, whose message said: « You can grow, but not more than me. », among other things that had been done to me. And this was the confirmation that I needed to leave the project, because I had already felt what had been revealed to me in the reading. All the necessary healing took place and, interestingly, after this experience, I acquired a sensitivity in identifying Luciferian consciousnesses, whether in some therapists (even if they are not aware of it), or even people who have simply joined a New Age community, etc.

When these consciousnesses are identified during the therapies I do, it is the KRYSTAL Guardians who deal with them. The Guardians say that there are Luciferian consciousnesses in remission, but that they are very few and warn people not to interact with them!

As for OM, it is said to be the sound of Creation, but when I practiced yoga at the gym, I never felt totally comfortable chanting OM, nor did I ever feel the expansion of energy. Since I left the gym a few years ago, I've never chanted it again.

In June last year, I read in an article on the website, one of the authors saying that by chanting the OM, we are damaging our DNA. I immediately sensed some truth in this, that there was something negative about OM, that it keeps us in a kind of closed circuit. That same day, I did a test and automatically felt a blockage in my throat, so I stopped chanting it and cleansed my 5th chakra with the tool I have, the Rose Meditation.

Last November, I tried to chant OM again (to check if it was some programming I had) and this time I got a headache. Once again, I had to use roses to remove the energy that had caused the pain. Then, still in November, during a work session with the Guardians, they revealed to me that the OM is not specifically linked to the CAI but to the Luciferian consciousnesses (original serpents), that they allow beings to evolve but no more than them and that they can still control the majority of beings very well, up to 9D. Above this dimension, they begin to have some difficulty (This has to do with the guardian recovery work that has been done since the higher dimensions and downwards).

Yet, before deciding to write this article, on January 10th, I decided to do one last test of chanting the OM, but during the Rose Meditation. Before chanting it, I asked the rose to show me what OM does and I closed my eyes. When I started chanting the OM, I immediately began to see red energies approaching the rose and I felt that they were Luciferian consciousnesses and I felt such a pressure in my head that I almost felt like crying. But I felt that the pressure wasn't on my brain or mind, it was on my consciousness. It formed a kind of encapsulation so that consciousness couldn't expand, as if it were creating a consciential ceiling. I immediately stopped chanting OM and asked the rose to cleanse my energy of the negative effects of OM. And immediately the rose emanated a huge golden sun that made the pressure disappear and I felt my consciousness expand. Everything turned golden around me.

Finally, I just want to say that there are people who chant OM and feel good about it, and everything is fine. This was my experience, perhaps because I now have this sensitivity to identifying Luciferian consciousnesses. I can say that OM is no good for me. Here's my sharing. Please only integrate the information that makes sense to you in the present moment.



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