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Welcome to «Seeking the Union»


This project is entirely dedicated to healing and preparation for Ascension.

Because Ascension is an aspiration that must exist within the Being itself, on this site you will find information and tools that can help you work towards your own Ascension.

I wish you an excellent Search for the Union. So be it! :)

Agenda of Activities
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Rose Meditation (weekend)


 part: 16, 17 Sept.

from 14h to 17h

2º part: 23, 24 Sept

from 14h to 17h


Trindade 252x233.png

Rose Meditation (week)


from 10 to 13 October

from 9h30 to 12h30


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HGP Therapist Course (1 day)

In Person

21st October

Theory: 10h-13h &


Practice: 17h30-18h30


Blog Articles
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