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The Universal Time Matrix

Hello everyone, today I will talk about the Universal Time Matrix, what it is and how we live in it.

The Milky Way is inserted in a Universal Time Matrix system, a space-time universe of 15 dimensions (*) (see fig. below). The levels of materialization range from 1D to 12D, and for each of these dimensions we have a body, each connected to the 12 DNA strands that we need to reactivate in us. This reactivation allows us to ascend (in other words, evolve vertically) beyond matter by becoming true Ascended Masters. At the 13D, 14D, 15D levels are stationary the three rays of the Cosmic Trinity. The entry point of prematter (or liquid light) is at 12D where life was seeded for the first time in this system in the Constellation of Lyra, thus creating the so-called Cradle of Lyra.

(*) NOTE: In Dec 2020, the creation of a HU6 - Harmonic Universe 6 - in our Universal Time Matrix was revealed by the Guardians. This HU6 (with layers 16D, 17D, 18D) restored the correct morphogenetic pattern for our Universal Mother and the embodiment of the Sophianic consciousness on earth. These are three unlocked corridors that are non-dimensionalized fields of consciousness of the Founding Cosmic Source. Essentially, this means that the entire Milky Way system, has moved into the realm of the higher frequency of the non-dimensionalized cosmic layers of the Divine Source field as an Ascension Host Failsafe Plan.

Author Andrés Rios, in his book "The Primordial Fire", says that the space-time universes are the Mother-Universes, composed of the Physical, Astral and Cosmic Mental Planes; the Son-Universes are composed of the Cosmic Intuitive and Spiritual Planes; the Father-Universes of the Cosmic Monadic Plan.

In terms of Vertical Evolution or Ascension, to know the Father (Monad) we must first know the Mother (Soul) integrated into the sacred Son/Daughter fusion (Consciousness). When the Mother meets the Father again, there happens what we call the Hieros Gamos or Fusion of the Sacred Feminine/Masculine within us. In other words, we first need to merge with our soul, uniting our solar feminine and masculine aspects of our consciousness, in order to be able to integrate the monad within us.

The Threefold Founder Flame, or Cosmic Trinity, represents the Will (Blue), Wisdom (Golden) and Love (Pink) of the Source perfectly integrated within us. These 3 flames represent respectively the Universal Mother, Universal Son/Daughter, and Universal Father aspects perfectly integrated within our Being. Although many people think that the blue energy is connected to the masculine and the pink energy to the feminine, in reality it is the other way around. :)

The Blue Ray (first ray of manifestation) is connected to the feminine side of Creation - the Mother Goddess.

The Golden Ray (second ray of manifestation) is connected to the Solar Christ M/F (**) - Son/Daughter Christ/Sophia.

The Pink Ray (third ray of manifestation) is connected to the masculine side of Creation - the Father God.

(**) NOTE: Our divine feminine aspect is also solar and not lunar. The lunar forces are negative and have imprinted on humanity a false version of the Goddess. I suggest avoiding rituals to the Moon, as they serve to feed these forces. As this is a very deep-rooted belief in spirituality, for those who have doubts, I advise doing the exercise of questioning the heart, indicated in the article: Discernment by the Heart.

As for the blue and pink energies, Hélène Abiassi and João Carlos Paliteiro (both spiritual therapists), in their book "The Heart Heals the Soul - Multidimensional Therapy Manual", also state that blue is connected to the Goddess and pink to God, and they also say the following: « That must be why we give blue to baby boys, to give them feminine energy, balancing them. (laughs) » and « That must be the reason why we give only pink clothes to baby girls... to balance them! (laughs) ». :)

I found these comments interesting because they show that men also have the feminine part within them, just as women have the masculine part within them. And transposing this to the first three Sacred Rays, in the Blue Ray of the Mother is included the Will of the Father, and in the Pink Ray of the Father is included the Love of the Holy Spirit of the Mother.

How to reactivate and protect the 12 DNA strands?

One of the tools (that I know) that allows the reactivation and protection of these 12 DNA strands is the 12D Shield used daily (I also advise accompanying with the violet flame). For those who know the EcKaSha Maharic Seal, passed by the Guardians to Ashayana Deane, it also allows this reactivation and protection of our DNA. And of course, the tools must always be associated with a continuous inner work of recognition of the Ego and removal of fears, in order to make this reactivation and protection. The Love within us is the key to connecting to the Mother, the 13th pillar that opens the doors of Ascension. As notes for inner work toward ascension, I suggest reading the following article: Reflections on evolution and ascension.

Finally, I leave you a tip for protection against attempts to enter our mind. Visualize in the center of your head the Threefold Founder Flame and declare 3x "I AM GOD, I AM SOVEREIGN, I AM FREE!", or 3x "I AM THAT I AM!". It will be barred the access to any ill-intentioned entity.

Many blessings and Profound Peace,



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