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Discernment by the Heart

Discernment by the Heart

In this world where we are stimulated externally with large amounts of information, there has been much talk about the need to discern what is true or not. But discernment cannot be done (only) by the conscious mind, by the intellect, because it is still too bound to the beliefs, prejudices and limitations of the ego. Besides, as the Being evolves in consciousness, what is true today may become obsolete tomorrow, and vice versa. What is good for the Self today, may not be good tomorrow, and vice versa. And this varies for each individual. True discernment occurs when we connect to our Sacred Heart, whose wise mind (yes, the heart has a mind of its own!) is connected to the soul, the Higher Self, the Mind of God. And this is the one that will tell us what really serves us in the present moment, in the eternal Zero Point of the Here and Now.

So how can we do this?

I personally like to use a technique that Gregg Braden talks about in his book «Resilience from the Heart». Place your hands on your heart and breathe deeply, at least 3 times. Ask the heart questions whose answers can be a Yes or a No.

For example, «Is this information true?» and «Is this information false?» and feel the answer to both. In one answer, we will feel peace, or lightness, or energy pulsing through the body or a part of it; in the other answer, we will feel discomfort, or pain, or tension in the body or a part of it. The answer that gives us peace is the Voice of the Heart, and that is the one we should follow.

Remember, all wise people are intelligent; but not all intelligent people are wise.

Love and light,



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