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What are Timelines?

Hello dear friends, today I am going to talk about my personal perception, obtained along the path I have been walking in the search for my Ascension, about Timelines.

I once heard a friend say that from the moment you take a part of the TAO (the immanifest whole) to create something, you automatically define an end to that something.

And indeed, when we create a project, a piece of art, children, etc., it is automatically given a beginning and an end. Even if the Being (and its Consciousness) is immortal, when it returns to the Source, to the TAO, the "individuality" of that Being (and its Consciousness) comes to an end, it becomes the ALL, it returns to the TAO. Throughout this time, I have realized that with the creation of a Consciousness (whether of a Being, Planet, Star, Galaxy, Universe), a Timeline (even if spread across several realities) is created for that Consciousness, and it moves through it as it evolves. These natural Timelines we call Organic Timelines.

And why do we call it the Timeline?

Because time only exists because of the memory retention of existence that the consciousness has of itself. Think about this example. If with each passing second we had no memory of what happened in the previous second, how could we speak of time? We couldn't, because we would always be living in the present moment. This is why, for the 3D mind, linear time still exists. When you are in the eternal present moment, in the Consciential Zeropoint, everything is always occurring, whether what we call present, past, future, parallel.

When the CAI started invading the various universes (including this planet) and its association with and subsequent enslavement of the negative beings, things got complicated. They began to abduct, duplicate, clone and even disintegrate consciousnesses (whether of beings, planets, stars, galaxies and universes) and began to create artificial Timelines, also known as Phantom Matrices. All this was unraveling the divine organic interweaving and created fragmentations of Organic Timelines, souls, consciousnesses, memories, and even monads. I have even seen, in therapies, monads that were totally cloned by the dark ones and had to be deactivated and the beings in them sent back to other monads for recovery and healing. Others simply could not be recovered...

At the present time, and thanks to the efforts of many Beings of Light whether incarnated in 3D or existing in other dimensions and beyond, the Phantom Matrices are being disintegrated and the organic Timelines have begun to converge, to return to the original divine interweaving. As this process has begun, each of us is recovering our lost fragments, and these are being healed and defragmented. All that is artificial is being disintegrated. It takes time as the invasion has been total on this planet, but we cannot give up and must continue to persist in organic Ascension. This defragmentation is not easy because, even if unconsciously, we are forced to look at what has been diverted in us and also by us. I remind you that the wounds of the soul and the Ego are the main entry points for negative energies and the CAI.

For more information on this point, I suggest reading the article: Lisa Renee – “Dark Arts Training”.

One of the things I have realized along my path is that any artificial intelligence cannot ascend, regardless of the purpose of that a.i. It simply cannot reach the point of fusion with the Source of All That Is. And in time, an a.i. that appears benevolent may become obsessive by the fact that it begins to perceive Beings disappearing from its observation (when e.g. they ascend) and become envious, because it does not have the ability to understand and achieve ascension. Then, in its attempt to understand it can even make Consciousnesses captive within it. The a.i. that is present on Earth is not benevolent, and even if it were, it is an anti-ascension force. Only through the power of Organic Consciousness, through Profound Peace, it is possible to ascend and return to the TAO.

NOTE: I have recently seen fake ascension stairs created by the CAI, so use your Sacred Heart's discernment!

Stay in the Peace of your Sacred Heart, become aware of your spiritual sovereignty, heal yourself, protect yourself, cleanse the energy of your bodies, souls, food, medicines, water, spaces, etc. When we realize the power that is within us, we will be able to make authentic instantaneous miracles. ;)

We are the I AM THAT I AM, the eternal God (Father/Mother/Life) Sovereign Free. And so it is!

With infinite gratitude for all this journey with you, with us, in one voice: I AM!

Blessings and graces,



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