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EcKaSha Maharic Seal

Hello dear friends, today I will talk about the EcKaSha Maharic Seal, also known as the God Seed. This sacred symbol was passed by the KRYSTAL Guardians to Ashayana Deane some years ago.

Who are the KRYSTAL Guardians?

They are Guardian beings of the KRYSTAL light body, or diamond body (*). The KRYSTAL light body is connected to the primordial sounds of the source: Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Aa La. Some of these beings operate from the Krystal star in Andromeda, such as the Aquaferians (connected to the whales and dolphins of our planet and linked to the Aquamarine Universe of the Mother). The Orders Amethyst, Emerald, Golden, Ruby-Gold are also guardians of this model.

(*) NOTE: « The original angelic human 12 Strand DNA is called the Diamond Sun DNA. The Oraphim original prototype for angelic humans that was created by the Founders has a 24 Strand DNA and is called the Double Diamond Sun Body DNA. Further there is a 48 Strand DNA Founder race line called the Emerald Sun DNA. »

The EcKaSha Maharic Seal or God Seed

This seal contains several high codes from the source including those that activate the 12 DNA strands in humans and protect their DNA. This symbol has an associated tonal sound, which must be voiced 3x when intending to use it: Um-ah-A'Thra-E'naA EcKaSha. Source:

The DNA strands are connected to the 12 Reuche Pillars – 12 stargates to be able to ascend beyond dimensionalization (*) – and are present in the center of the seal. It's the 12 points in the image. The positive templars (yes, there are negative ones too!) are holders of the activation codes for this whole system of stargates. They are connected to the Universal KATHARA Grid.

(*) NOTE: For more information, see article: The Universal Time Matrix

There is also the so-called 13th Pillar, or Mother Arc (**), the bridge that was established with the Krystal star in Andromeda for the planetary ascension. This pillar is activated through the Unconditional Love in us, the aspect of the Mother in our heart. Let's say it is our personal "Open Sesame!" :)

(**) NOTE: « The Krystal Guardians have called this aspect of Mother's Aquamarine Ray current, the 13th Pillar gateway, which is also providing a completely new quality of sonoluminescence and magnetic forces that are powering up in the earth crystal core. [...] The Mother Arc is a part of the animating spiritual forces of the Aurora Ether or Cosmic Holy Spirit connected to the Godhead; the Zero Point and eternal flame that is merged within the Aquamarine Founder Ray and the Arc Zone. »

How to use the EcKaSha symbol?

The following examples were intuited by me, but if you intuit some other way to use it, follow your intuition:

– You can print the symbol and put it under a bottle of water to receive the energy of the symbol. Note that if the water is to be solarized, the recipient must be glass;

– You can put it under the plate of food, for example, intending that the divine order of food be restored;

– You can simply look at the symbol and imagine it entering from the top of the head and going to the center of the chest, or for example entering directly through the chest. From there, see it expanding, expanding, enveloping the whole body until you see yourself inside the symbol;

– Clearing, activating, deprogramming crystals, intending that the divine and neutral order of the crystals be restored. Very useful when you feel that the crystals contain alien programming, or even CAI. In this last case, if the crystals can go in salt water, use it, because salt water deprograms them. Do the following: get a glass recipient and pour some salted water into it; put the crystals to be deprogrammed inside and add an amethyst (if you don't have amethysts, imagine the crystals surrounded by violet flame); cover the recipient and place it over the seal for 24 hours or more (feel it!). Intend the removal of any programming and/or disintegration of any artificial signals, restoring the divine, neutral order of the crystals.

NOTE: You can download the symbol and the mp3 of the tonal sound here.

Love and light,



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