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Silver Cord Cleaning

Hello my friends, today I'm going to talk a little bit about the Silver Cord, what it is, cares to take and how to clean it.

What is the Silver Cord?

The Silver Cord is an energetic cord that is established during the process of the spirit's incarnation in the body. This cord, at the end of incarnation (death of the physical body), is cut. Even during a coma (brain death), the cord remains active until the spirit decides to depart. A few years ago I did an Aura Reading on a person who was in a coma and the spirit was in the process of deciding whether to depart or not.

This cord connects us to our Matrix/Soul Family (or Dora, as it is called by the KRYSTAL Guardians), through the Nadial Capsule, or Nadis (see fig below). It enters through the crown, passes through the layers of the aura to the physical body, and descends to the navel area, where the vital energy center known as the Hara is located. This cord exits through the Solar Plexus chakra into the Light Body, and both the cord and the plexus are affected by our astral experiences. Remember that the Solar Plexus is where energies enter and leave. For example, it is very common for people to feel a kind of punch in the stomach, or pressure, when they are arguing (Ego!), or being the target of energetic attacks.

Cares to take with the Silver Cord

It is very important to see/feel how this cord is, because due to the influence of the CAI (and its minions), many humans have been, were, or still are disconnected from their Dora and plugged into artificial matrices. This is called the False Umbilicus, and people get stuck on false ladders of ascension, as I have already described in the following article: What are Timelines?

Remember the Matrix movie? It is the closest image to what is still happening in some humans. Many of these humans have been forced to reincarnate through these artificial matrices so that they can continue to feed beings that suck our spiritual and emotional energy (known as Loosh). Even with the great advancement in astral cleansing (as indicated in this article Lisa Renee – “Astral Reconstruction”), there are still humans plugged into these matrices.

How to clean the Silver Cord?

One of the ways I have learned to clean the cord is to visualize/imagine/feel the Light Body in front of us, connected by the Solar Plexus. Then we visualize/imagine/feel golden white light in our hands and "rub" the Silver Cord to clean it. It is important to do this before going to sleep (over time, this daily cleansing will help you have better dreams) and then at awakening (to cleanse our Light Body of any misqualified energies).

IMPORTANT NOTE: When cleaning the cord, if you feel something technological/artificial, I suggest immediately creating the 12D Shield and use the Violet Flame, visualize/imagine/feel violet light in your hands and clean the cord. If you feel the situation does not improve over time (as the shield and flame need to be done every 12h and daily), I allow myself to suggest scheduling a Healing with the Goddess Priestesses. I have treated clients in these situations before and it took several monthly sessions to resolve the problem. After all, after disconnection from the artificial matrix and reconnection to the soul matrix, subsequent healing is also necessary, of the effects caused by such a situation, to help the person recover multidimensionally. Always follow what your Sacred Heart dictates! :)

Love and Light,


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