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Obtaining YES/NO answers through your body

Hi, today I'm going to share two techniques to help us get answers through our own body, as it has innate wisdom and responds through the unconscious. These techniques are very useful for when we are more tired, confused and having difficulty with centering and discernment, for when we feel that something is not right and we need an answer that cannot be dominated by the ego, entities and the conscious mind.

Finger Dowse

1- Put your thumb and index finger together as shown in the picture above.

2- Pass your other thumb and index finger through the loop and close both.

3- Ask your question. Pull steadily. If the loop breaks, the answer to your question is NO. If the loop holds, the answer to your question is YES.

To do some tests, start by asking a question where you know the answer is YES. E.g., ask if your name is (say your name) and pull steadily. Then ask a question where you know the answer is NO. E.g. ask if you are a being of the gender (say the opposite gender of yours) and pull steadily. Then ask your own questions where you have doubts, uncertainties.

Sway Test

This is an alternative for those who cannot do the finger dowse. However, from my experience, I realized that if we are more emotional, we may have some difficulty getting the answer, because balance is directly linked to emotions. In other words, we may swing to the YES side first and then to the NO side (or vice versa), but whichever side the body swings to first, is the answer to the question. Be attentive!

TIP: In case you are not getting a sense of where the body swings first, if necessary film yourself (or have someone else do it) and then observe your body. ;)

How to do the Sway Test? (*)

1. Be sure you are well hydrated.

2. Stand comfortably with feet shoulder width apart, barefoot/flat shoes (no heals).

3. Clear your mind of any thoughts (be mindful, not mind full) ;-)

4. Tell/program yourself “Go forward for a yes answer” and “Go backward for a no answer”. First time, it might take a second or two to notice the sway. A good first test, to calibrate, can be your name: “My name IS (say your true name)” Wait for a sway, usually under 5 seconds. You can ask/test anything, even to confirm false things.

5. Ask yourself a specific YES/NO question … it MUST be phrased in a positive truth frame, as the unconscious has ZERO capability to process negative thought! That’s why, when you tell someone (including yourself) to NOT do something, the first thing they do is exactly what you said NOT to do.

6. Optional: if needed, repeat the question to get a consistent Y/N answer (this sometimes happens in first ever uses of the Sway Test, or if the question is vague).

Love and light,

Anabela Silva


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