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EcKaSha Quick Seal & Correction of EcKaSha Psonn Phonetic

Dear friends, I have corrected the audio containing the phonetic of the sound tone (Psonn) of the EcKaSha Seal and it's available in the respective article EcKaSha Maharic Seal. At the time I came across this sacred symbol in my research, I couldn't find any example of the Psonn phonetic and, apparently, I made an audio with the wrong phonetic (even though it's not harmful). I was recently contacted by a gentleman who follows Ashayana Deane's MCEO Freedom Teachings™, since 2006/2007, and warned me that a wrong phonetic won't open the planetary seals. Let's say it's a bit like "ring the right bell to open the door". :) Therefore, the current file is called "Um-ah-A'Thra-E'naA Eckasha.mp3", to differentiate from the old "Um-ah-A'Thra-E'naA.mp3", because the name EcKaSha (*) must also be toned 3x.

(*) EcKaSha means:

Ec - Void (Partiki - Still Point [I would say the eternal Zero Point of Creation] - Divine Source)

Ka - Pre-light (Partika - Oscilation - Divine Father)

Sha - Pre-sound (Particum - Vibration - Divine Mother)

After further research, I found the correct phonetic in the following video (in English without subtitles) containing the technique called EcKaSha Quick Seal.

Below is a transcript of the technique EcKaSha Quick Seal:

1. Begin by slowing your breathing rhythm, as you imagine or visualize the Eckasha Hierophant at the Pineal Gland in the center of your brain. Visualize the Eckasha Hierophant surrounded by a Pale Blue Sphere of Light. The Pale Blue Sphere containing the Eckasha Hierophant is called the Eckasha Sphere. (The Blue Sphere serves as a buffer for your body's readiness to accept the frequencies associated with the Eckasha Code; the Blue Sphere holds the energy for you until your body can handle and assimilate the energy. Your body, DNA Template and Shields will automatically draw the appropriate amount of Eckasha Code frequency from the Blue Sphere as needed.)

2. Tone the Eckasha Psonn, softly before you inhale: Um-ah-A'Thra-E'na-A Ec-Ka-Sha 3x. INHALE, using the Inhale breath to energetically grab the Pale Blue Eckasha Sphere located at the Pineal, and on the EXHALE, use the Exhale Breath to push the Eckasha Sphere all the way down to Chakra-13 at Earth's Core as you again tone the Eckasha Psonn; Um-ah-A'Thra-E'na-A Ec-Ka-Sha 3x. Try to hear a sound tone as the Eckasha Sphere hits the Planetary Shield at Earth's Core.

3. Repeat the Eckasha Psonn 3x before you inhale. Um-ah-A'Thra-E'na-A Ec-Ka-Sha. INHALE, using the Inhale breath to draw the Eckasha Sphere up to your Personal Maharic Shield 12" below your feet and EXHALE while watching the Eckasha Sphere become a Pale Silver - Blue Sphere that expands outward to form a large sphere. Tone the Eckasha Psonn 3x and imagine that your Maharic Shield pops out as a Pale Silver disc, about 4'' in diameter, surrounded by a coating or aura of Pale Blue Light with the Eckasha Hierophant symbol at its center.

4. Bring your attention to the center of your Maharic Shield 12'' below your feet, tone the Eckasha Psonn 3x and INHALE, using the Inhale breath to draw the Eckasha Hierophant symbol (without Pale Blue Sphere) from the Maharic Shield center up into the 4th Heart Chakra. EXHALE, using the Exhale breath to expand the frequencies of the Eckasha Code from the Eckasha Hierophant into the Heart Chakra as you softly tone the Eckasha Psonn 3x.

5. Tone the Eckasha Psonn again 3x and INHALE, using the Inhale breath to energetically grab the Eckasha Hierophant symbol at the 4th Heart Chakra, and EXHALE, using the Exhale breath to push the Eckasha Hierophant up into the 14th Chakra 36” above the head. Tone the Eckasha Psonn again and imagine that the Eckasha Hierophant is spinning in a clockwise direction (from your right side, around the back, to your left side) in the 14th Chakra. As you do this, try to feel! Sense the energy around you, just a few inches out from your body.

6. Now, move your attention to your Maharic Shield 12” below your feet, take a couple of relaxing breaths, and INHALE deeply, using the Inhale breath to pull Pale Silver and Blue energy upward from your Maharic Shield to Chakra-14, 36” above your head, pulling your Maharic Seal Pillar upward and latching it onto your 14th Chakra. This procedure activates your Temporary Maharic Seal Pillar, amplifying its intensity and strength with the Kee-Ra-ShA frequencies of the Eckasha Code. Feel the sensations of amplified Eckasha Code energy just a few inches from your body now - try to sense the difference between the amplified Eckasha Code frequencies and those usually generated by the Maharic Seal alone.

7. Now envision the 4” diameter Pale Silver Cord of Maharic Light that would normally come up with activation of your Maharic Seal Pillar and focus on Chakra-13 at Earth's Core. INHALE, using the Inhale breath to draw the Maharic Cord of Pale Silver energy up into the body and to the 4th Heart Chakra center, expanding the Pale Silver energy to form a Pale Silver Maharic Sphere of d12 frequency within the 4th Chakra. EXHALE, using the Exhale breath to send your attention downward to Chakra-13 at Earth's Core. INHALE, using the Inhale breath to bring another load of Maharic frequency up from the Planetary Shields to the 4th Heart Chakra, expanding it into the Pale Silver Maharic Sphere. Repeat this Inhale-up I exhale-down Maharic Energizing Breath several times, noticing that the Maharic Cord grows larger with each breath, expanding from approximately 4” to 6” to 8" in diameter, until finally the Maharic Cord expands outward to from a skin around, and within every cell of your body. The Maharic Energizing Breath loads your 4D Astral field with Maharic Frequency.

8. Move your attention to the Pale Silver Maharic Sphere you have created in your 4th - Heart Chakra. INHALE, using the Inhale breath to move the Maharic Sphere up to meet the Eckasha Hierophant at the 14th Chakra 36" above your head. As you do, sense a Sheath of Eckasha Code-charged Pale-Silver Maharic Frequency encasing your 1D etheric body, radiating from within the body to about 1" above the skin. This Pale Silver Maharic "Christos Skin" charges and saturates your etheric body with Eckasha Code amplified 12D Maharic Frequency sub-harmonics; try to sense and experience directly the peacefulness and all-knowing nature of this frequency.

9. Now for 3 final breaths. Tone the Eckasha Psonn, Um-ah-A'Thra-E'na-A Ec-Ka-Sha 3x. INHALE and EXHALE, using the Exhale breath to expand the Maharic Sheath "Chrlstos Skin" further outward around your body and into your Auric Field, repeating the Eckasha Tones 3 times, as the Pale Silver Maharic Sheath Christos Skin begins to assume the tear-drop shape of the Eckasha. Repeat the Eckasha Psonn again, INHALE, then EXHALE, and as you repeat the tones see or feel the Pale Silver Eckasha tear-drop expand fully outward into your Auric Field, its top-point anchored in the 14th· Chakra 36" above your head, its bottom embracing Chakra-13 at Earth's Core below your feet. Repeat the Eckasha Psonn tones, INHALE and on the final EXHALE expand the Pale Silver Eckasha "Christos Skin" Maharic Sheath out into the Universe as far as you can, toning The Eckasha Psonn for the final time.

Note Anabela: The above technique is very similar to the 12D Shield, except that instead of using the platinum Star of David, the EcKaSha Maharic Seal is used and with other nuances. I would also like to point out that some people may feel more comfortable using Platinum instead of Silver, as the 12D Avatar Frequency is linked to the 12D Platinum White Ray as mentioned in Lisa Renee's Ascension Glossary. I'm one of them! :)

Love and Light,



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