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Reflections on evolution and ascension

Hello, today I'm sharing some reflections on evolution and ascension, based on texts from the book "Telos 3 - Protocols of the Fifth Dimension" by Aurelia Louise Jones.

1 - What has kept human being from evolving and manifesting perfect love?

  • Lack of vigilance of one' s thoughts and emotions (as Jesus said, "Watch and Pray!"). *

  • Lack of motivation and commitment and invest time, money and energy for one' s spiritual development.

  • Lack of faith in God, in Spiritual Guides, even in the strength of one's own heart.

  • Not believing in the ascension of the physical body.

  • Distractions and external stimuli to keep one "out of the internal connection".

  • Always putting material (physical) tasks first, not understanding that working for one' s ascension should be the primary goal of one's existence. **

* Note: Obviously there has been influence from negative beings, but it is the negativity of the human being that still feeds them. As the human being evolves in love, he stops feeding these beings, causing them to lose strength.

** Note: Of course it is important that we take care of our life in 3D. Master Adama of Telos says: « [...] It is important to manage your normal life with an impeccable spiritual outlook. It is in the context of normal life that you build your character and develop your divine qualities. »

2 - What can I do to improve myself, to evolve?

  • Talk less, listen more, try to be in silence for longer, just listening to your breath, your heart (i.e. meditate). With this practice, little by little, you will begin to feel the connection with your inner voice, your inner divinity blossoming. *

  • Walking in nature, eating well, taking care of your physical body.

  • Read/see more material that feeds the spirit and soul and free yourself from material (movies, books, etc) that does not benefit the elevation of love.

  • Avoid gossiping or talking about the lives of others.

  • Avoid making comparisons, or pointing fingers at anyone.

  • Reduce in consumerism and give away things that no longer serve us, or that arouse negative emotions and thoughts in us (i.e., hold a heavy burden). **

* Note: On this point, interestingly, Adama says: « We follow a practice of "being" that differs from the primary "mental" techniques that many of you use. What we do is not based on meditation. We might call it allowing oneself to "contemplate" rather than meditate. We reach very high levels of heightened awareness with these practices. What we practice is also not based on visualization or imagination techniques, which require mental effort, and emphasize something that you are not, rather than something that you are. For example, we contemplate the infinite aspects of our divinity in order to raise our vibration, to higher levels, and integrate the new truths we constantly discover about ourselves. We begin by becoming quiet and still enough to hear the beating of our own hearts. We reduce the mind's attention and let it talk to itself for a while. Then we allow our receptivity to extend to everything around us. We tune not to the world around us, but to our senses, becoming One with the flow that is around us and within us. The heart has its own emotional intellect. It feels and registers everything that impacts it. As it harmonizes with the gentle energetic waves of nature and the physical world around us, we know with full awareness that we contact the world through our heart. »

** Note: By decluttering things that no longer serve us, we are telling life that we are making ourselves available to receive new things (and they don't have to be material, they can be spiritual (therapies, courses, etc), or even new people coming into our lives).

Finally, Adama says that there are three categories of people in our world:

a) Those who make things happen

b) Those who see what's happening

c) Those who don't even know what happened

If you want to get on the Ascension train, in this life, you have to join the first category. Dedicate yourself with heart, commitment and determination. You must also stick to the process of daily purification and transmutation until Ascension happens in you. Remember that it is your own heart that is the portal to Ascension. Connecting with the Divine Presence I AM, with the Higher Self, requires patience, perseverance, determination, purity of motives, common sense, discernment, and a constant watchfulness by the heart.

Blessings for your path and profound peace! :)



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